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Gazing into the Future... MO and FO4?



Just a little forward thinking here... With the release of Fallout 4 this November, it got me to thinking about using MO to mod it eventually. I'm wondering how it's going to work, if at all, considering MO only works for 32bit applications. It has been just about confirmed that FO4 will be 64bit, so therefore I ask:  Are we going to see a new MO for 64bit also? 


I'm no computer expert, so I wanted ask here, where the MO experts reside.

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@Tannin has been working on the code for a 64bit version for some time now, no time frame for release has been offered just yet. He is also currently finalising a new 'hooking' system, no doubt closely related to the 64bit issue, so it all looks good for a Fallout 4 compatibility system being in place.


Additionally since Fallout 4 uses a modified Creation Engine, the core code for handling the plugins should be easy to adapt from the current Skyrim one.

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