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Requesting Clarification



Some points along the STEP process and overall use of Mod Organizer seem to conflict, or at least cause concern.

I'm wondering just how fragile these settings are and what the right setup should be.



1) Skyrim Install Location


I understand that UAC settings may interfere with editing files in the Programs Files folders.

However, if running all tools needed for modding Skyrim as Administrator, allowing access to all folders, and/or turning off UAC...

Is there any danger outside of that? Can, say, cleaning or patching mods simply fail because of that file location?



2-a) Automatic Archive Invalidation

"This ensures data files from mods are actually used. You want to enable this unless you use a different tool for Archive Invalidation."


2-b) Back-Date BSAs

"For Skyrim, this can be used instead of Archive Invalidation. It should make AI redundant for all Profiles."


So... for STEP, Automatic Archive Invalidation should be turned off for any profile using STEP guidelines?

Well, how can the user identify whether they have Back-Date BSAs enabled? Can it be re-disabled?


2-c) Have MO manage archives

For STEP, should this be enabled along with Back-Date BSAs?



3) Mod Order


I'm under the impression that using Mod Organizer should alleviate the paranoia of trying a new mod, or any mod setup for that matter.

I assume that since the Data folder isn't actually being overwritten, install order for mods doesn't matter at all?

Rather, that Load Order and/or BSA + loose file placement are all that govern how a mod setup will work, and can be improved upon at any point?


However, seeing the install order for STEP made me wonder... is every mod installation as critical as it was with Nexus Mod Manager?




Basically, it would be good to understand how each of these settings work as to not rely on STEP as a crutch.

When following the STEP guide, I found these points to stand out as major cause for concern.


I mean, there seemed to be 3 options and end results: STEP: Core, Extended or a Custom setup that each required a patch ultimately.

Though, how mutually exclusive are they? Do I need to complete STEP: Core 100% as instructed... before considering Extended?

Or, can I test how the mods not required for CORE work for me and decide after having tested in my own pace, just making sure to continue where I left off in the process of the guide?


I haven't begun my first playthrough, and I have no savegames to worry about, nothing to lose.

And yet, going through the process of modding with Mod Organizer, which I did due to the proposed benefits of it... I began to harbor these doubts.

I'm sure you've covered these points at least in regards to the STEP process rather well, but they're still intimidating... at least for me.

Please shed some light on this.


If you direct me to the Mod Organizer Wiki... well, I'll facepalm.

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  1. Location may matter even when you have provided Admin access for your programs. Anecdotally this may be more so the case with Win 8.1 and above. So you CAN install to that location and then take steps to avoid UAC issues or install in any loaction where UAC isn't applied. What is important is that Skyrim is installed and the registry knows its location so that tools can make a registry check correctly.

Mod Organizer wiki makes mention of AI and 'back-dating' BSAs. You should always have MO manage your BSAs unless specifically instructed not to. (this should never happen)

The order of installing mods in MO is not critical, as they can easily be moved in the left-pane. The order they are presented in the guide(s) is much the same as that from when NMM was used so it matches closely the install order and thus the correct 'conflict-resolution' order.

Regarding the various STEPs. Each install will require its own patch but you can make separate profiles, each based off the previous and have differently named patches to match each profile, thus enabling CORE, Extended or 'Other' by changing profiles.

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