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Massive framerate drops in odd places. aMidian Content Addon related



I installed STEP with a couple of other mods, Immersive Armors, Immersive Weapons, Violens, Ponytail hair style.


In random areas, such as Riverwood or near Whiterun (didn't play very long), my framerate would go from a cool 60fps down to 2 fps while looking in a very specific area.  The area would change as well if I restarted the game, so it's never consistent.  I could trigger it by spinning around quickly then by finding the affected area.


Disabling some of my mods, I found it's linked to aMidian Content Addon.  If I disable this, along with the Step core patch since it requires aMidian Content Addon, the framerate issues go away.


So I'm not sure what to do about this.  Can anyone advise me?  I've reinstalled the aMidian Content Addon a second time (redownloaded) and that changes nothing.


Videos of the problem are here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2CektZSLUlkWO24RxKR2oQ/videos

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I actually discovered it wasn't necessarily linked to aMidian Content Addon.  I optimized the textures and the problem has gone.


Thanks for the reply.


By the way, with the problem, my VRAM was never exceeded according to MSI Afterburner.

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Sorry for the long wait for a response, forgot about this tab till I started cleaning the old ones out. Only thing I can think of is you're getting the drops whenever there are large amounts of different armors and weapons on npc's and as clutter and it's filling up your VRAM causing a drop in framerate as the gpu tries to power through the full buffer but I can't be sure. Try using lower resolutions of the armor and weapons mods (or if they don't provide them use DDSOpt)

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