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Spell effect not stopping



I do not know how to get rid of this. All I know is that a dragon attacked the College and this was one of it's attacks. I used Deadly Dragons and Dragon Combat Overhaul at the time.


The spell is a frost explosion deal, the kind that have the large icicles pop up and a white frost explosion. Instead of happening just once however this goes off rapid fire in the same place and will not end. I'm italicizing that because it's important. Here's a link to show what I mean: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=472803672


I can get as close as I can, use the console and select the effect, and use the disable button; it'll put it down but the instant I exit out of the console it comes right back. In a fit of irritation I clicked on whatever was around, below, and above it and hit disable in a hope that it would stop. What happened was that it stopped on the College tower, mostly because I disabled the thing. Now however it dropped straight down all the way to the ground and continued to explode indefinitely. Here's a picture of that, it's the misty explosion between the college lights: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=472803726


Oddly enough if I brought up the wait menu and waited any amount of time it would stop...for a split second before resuming again.


I thought that it might've been DCOs fault since that's what seems to be it's thing, however I uninstalled the mod and ran the script cleaner and the effect still kept going.


One thing that I noticed is when bringing it up in the console the spell effect number tended to be "xx0028xx", the later xx being different numbers. The first xx was what showed up in the console so I don't know what it could've come from.


Does anyone have any kind of clue as to how to fix this or just what caused this? I'm at a loss and the spell it just constant, irritating, and loud.

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