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[TESEdit] Can someone explain this LOOT message? (small PerMa Opinion sub question)



Hi there...


I'm starting a new play though. I bought Fallout New Vegas during the steam sale.. gfx modded it a bit to improve the vanilla experience as well as the obligatory unofficial patches and the lead designers mega patch thing... blah blah.


And all that happened is that I wanted to play Skyrim again! Plus there isa brand new STEP!


Anyway, I am starting the modding process, I noticed that STEP has a new version so I am going to build the STEP core as a base, but plan on using some gameplay altering stuff.. namely PERMA but I have 2 questions... I probably should have made to threads, but though it may as well be on.. I am really asking question 2.. but interested in thoughts on question 1.


1) Is PerMa ready? Or is it getting fast regular updates and I basically should wait a little longer. Is PerMa ready for a full playthough?


2) During my initial cleaning of the original dlc packs, I do not know if it is needed.. I just followed Gopher... anyway I just mean the TESedit.. load, apply filter for cleaning, delete identical records... ANYWAY, after I do all that the LOOT window is still showing 1 exception on all the things and I do not know what it is or if I should care...


"Add: C.Location, Graphics, Invent, Names"


What dose this mean?


Thanks guys!



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Those are Bash tags. You don't have to worry about them AFAIK since all the ones that work in the current version of Wrye Bash will automatically load when you start wrye bash. The other ones listed are for test versions of Wrye Bash that aren't working 100% quite yet.

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