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Confused as to what controls my graphics settings.



Do I still use the ini.file, or the nvidia inspector?


I used the ini file yesterday to sort some resolution issues I was having, but then I added the following ini tweak: https://www.overclock.net/t/1171258/skyrim-ini-tweak-for-amazing-looking-shadows but that shadows in game look no different. 


Any help would be appreciated. 


EDIT: Please ignore this... I just realised I need to be editing the skyrimprefs.ini

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OK, but also...


Nvidia driver settings (or even better Nvidia driver settings set through Nvidia Inspector) will control graphics settings.  Your Skyrim application .ini files will also control graphics settings.  Thirdly, your ENB-related .ini files will control graphics settings as well (even if you just use enblocal.ini for ENBoost).  Some of the settings configurable through these various means WILL conflict with or overwrite each other.  The various guides in STEP try to give good advice on what to do.

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