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Clean Savegame Problem



I am following S.T.E.P.’s guide to cleaning a save game I found here...https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Troubleshooting#tab=Mods_and_Savegames.

I reached Step 6 no problem. But, I cannot complete Step 6. I searched the S.T.E.P. forums but could not find an answer, so I thought I’d ask.


Step #6 If you are uninstalling mod(s) you will need to strip naked and store your gear in a player home (if you don't have one yet, use anywhere that is listed in safe places link above, make a backup save just in case).


First of all, I assume I have to remove EVERYTHING from my inventory and store it in a chest in my home (Vlindrel). Is this assumption correct?

When I try to remove EVERYTHING from my inventory and store it in a chest in my home (Vlindrel) some of the stuff I have in my inventory are quest items and they cannot be removed. When I try to store in a chest (or drop) these items I receive the error message, “Quest Items cannot be removed from your inventory.â€


Can I safely remove these quest items using console commands and continue the cleaning procedure successfully?


Here’s a list of “Quest Items†in my inventory (Open console, type “player.showinventory†without the quotes, press ENTER):



Amulet of Talos (000cc846) (100, 100.00%) - worn

---> BAD EDITOR ID (000cc845)


Attunement Sphere (0003532c)

Briar Heart (0003ad61)

Chimarvamidium (0001b22e)

Gallus’ Encoded Journal (000ceda6)

Kahvozein’s Fang (000d0758) (100, 100.00%)

Silver Ruby Ring (000877b1) (100, 100.00%)

--->BAD EDITOR ID (0008e842)


Treasure Hunter’s Note (000a17b0)

Unusual Gem (0009dfbb) There are 22 “Unusual Gems†listed. I assume this is my “Stone of Barenziah†collection.


As you can see the console is showing me a “Bad Editor†message for two of my items. I do not know what this “BAD EDITOR†means.



Step #7 Check and make sure your active effects are clear, if not then click on yourself and type this in the game console: "dispelallspells" (without quotes) and recheck active effects. This will cure vampirism and lycanthropy so if you have one of those, you must add it back with console after finishing the procedure.


The “dispelallspells†console command did NOT work. As I understand it all these Active Effects are considered “Spells†which can be removed with the console command “player.removespell †without the quotes.


Can I use console commands to safely remove all Active Effects and continue the cleaning procedure successfully?


Here is a list of “Active Effects†in my list followed by its ID# and the “name†for each spell:



Ancient Knowledge (0010eb60) MS04Reward

Dragon Infusion (000f5ffa) BladesDragonInfusionAbility

Force Without Effort (00e8281) GreybeardsFusAbility

Resist Magic. I think it is the effect granted by the “Agent Of Mara†(000cc79a) PerkMara

Resist Poison - Your Redguard blood gives you 50% resistance to poison. (000aa023) RaceRedguard

Sinderion’s Serendipity (0010bf09) NN01PerkEffect

The Lady Stone (000e5f54) doomLadyAbility*

*Am I really going to be able to remove my natural Redguard ability AND just put it back later?



If I use console commands to remove all spells how do I get them back? Every wiki I read states the same thing; some abilities/blessings, although classed as “Spells,†cannot be cast on yourself (the “player†in targeted console commands).


That’s it. Thanks for reading this far. Thanks for any help. If anyone needs any more info, please let me know.

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You only need to remove quest items added or modified by any mods you have.


As stated in the guide any active spells you will have to console back on afterwards if you are lazy, otherwise just go get a blessing or visit a stone or whatever you did to get it in the first place.

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Here’s what I ended up doing…

Unequipped all my gear and stored it in the chest in my bedroom in Vlindrel except the gear that would not unequip because it is a quest item.

I used console commands to remove all Active Effects (including my natural Redguard resistance to poison and a blessing I had picked up somewhere).

I completed the rest of the steps successfully.

When I loaded the cleaned save game my natural Redguard resistance to poison and that blessing I removed had somehow reappeared. All good so far.

My Papyrus log still shows many errors relating to one uninstalled mod. I have PM’ed the mod’s author and we’ll see if there is a nice simple solution to this.


Thanks to the S.T.E.P. team for making such clear instructions.

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