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MO won't load mods in Oblivion, game launching twice



Hi everybody,

I'm having a big issue; when i launch oblivion through MO, it loads the games base folder without the mods.


But now let me explain because it's different from all other similar issues i've read about:

Before lauching anything, MO works fine and there are no problems whatsoever.

When i launch the file oblivion launcher through MO, everything works fine at first: when i look in the laucher's data files, all my mods are loaded and should be working

the problem is, when i click "play", the game doesn't run isntantly, but instead it launches a second launcher, and this time when i check data files, my mods do not appear. I think this second launcher is "oblivion.exe" because when i launch it in MO, the mods dont appear.


So in clear, i must go through two lauchers to start the game, last one is like i didnt launch it through MO


Before you ask, i already tried reinstalling MO, also my game executables were not patched. I also had reinstalled the game first and reinstalled the inis in "my games" too.


I dont know what makes this second launcher appear, but it keeps me from playing the modded game


Thanks for your time and help

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For starters you should not use the games launcher from MO to start the game. If you are not using the Oblivion script extender, OBSE, then start the game with the oblivion shortcut.


If you are using OBSE, then you have to do a couple more thing to get the script extender to work. You have to go into the MO settings, the wrench icon, and click on the workaround tab and change the “Load Mechanism†from Mod Organizer to Script Extender and restart MO.


From now on you mod in MO and run the game from Steam. 

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