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Too many glitches, please help



Ive been playing skyrim for awhile and i have quite the mod collection. Recently ive been experiencing really annoying glitches that i cant figure out how to fix. The oldest one is certain items spawning randomly around me. It seems to always spawn a nordic bow, a fragment of wulthrad, a golden urn, and a pile of ash and i can never interact with the pule of ash. The second glitch is me not being able to interact with the world. This usually happens after i try to feed off of dead bodies with the better vanpires mod, but i havent had this problem until recently. The third glitch is the damage my items do randomly changes. Sometimes my sword deals its actual 113 damage, other times it will deal 34. Its the same for every weapon i have including arrows and bolts. The fourth glitch is that i cant tell my followers to use the shrine of boethia. Ive tried to use npcs that arent important to the story, but it still does nothing. Please help me.

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