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How to reinstall previous version of MO after failed update



MO has always been rock-solid until I tried to update to v 1.3.6.  It did not install correctly and overwriting with the previous version didn’t work.  So I need a true reinstall, and plan to use v 1.2.18 until v 1.3.6 settles down.


What is the procedure for reinstalling MO that will save my mods, profiles, third party utilities, etc.? The STEP fail-safe directions have a warning that it’s not for neophytes. I’m not a neophyte, but also not a guru. Those directions also don’t say whether a reinstall should be treated like a new install, e.g. start Skyrim once with regular launcher before launching via SKSE/MO, etc.


MO is installed on my D drive in the Steam Skyrim game folder. I have backed up my downloads, mods, profiles, overwrite, and categories.dat. Also backed up MO’s loot folder, but don’t know if that’s needed. LOOT is installed outside of MO.  My third party apps/utilities are:  SKSE, LOOT, Wrye Bash, and TES5Edit. 


Please let me know if you need any other information.   Thx.

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The instructions in the MO wiki seem to be very clear, what exactly are you finding too difficult?


The text from the linked page says this:

The workflow is as follows:

  1. Delete the following in your current ModOrganizer directory:
    • All files EXCEPT ModOrganizer.ini, nxmhandlers.ini, and categories.dat
    • All directories EXCEPT downloads, mods, overwrite, and profiles
  2. Now download the latest archive(s) (There may be important optionals you need to install, so read the instructions.)
  3. Copy the contents of the latest archive(s) into your ModOrganizer folder, overwriting all.


MO is a portable executable, ie. it makes no changes to the registry or stores any settings outside of its own directory. All settings used by it are simple text files and folders, that are listed above, and already backed up by you, according to your post.

All the settings to your various tools are in the MO ini and if they are located outside of the MO directory structure there will be no issue with your updating the MO folder structure. Changing MO does not need any special resetting of the Skyrim launcher, as Skyrim has no knowledge of MO and makes no explicit calls to it.

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The instructions in the MO wiki seem to be very clear, what exactly are you finding too difficult?


It wasn't a matter of being too difficult.  It was the mysterious warning – “…not recommended for normal situations…should only be done in problematic situations and not by neophytes.†


Without the warning, I wouldn’t have asked the question. Maybe that warning should be removed since it only serves to make users doubt their abilities, and adds no value to the directions.


Thank you for clarifying that it isn’t necessary to use the launcher before launching MO.  Since that’s the case, you may also want to remove this text from the Initial Setup section:   “Notice: Before starting Mod Organizer, launch the game at least once so all configuration files are available.â€


The STEP site is a model resource of well-written technical directions, but consider the possibility that directions can be improved.   



Prisoner, not yet Dragonborn.

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Thank you for your observations, they are always welcome as a 'new set of eyes' can often reveal things not immediately evident.


However in these instances I feel the wiki reflects the correct import of the matter for these reasons:


  1. The sentence about launching the game at least once is correct in that location as it is regarding the 'Initial Setup'.
  2. The warning to 'neophytes' is likewise the fifth listed method of upgrading and should be taken by users that didn't get a working install/upgrade by any of the previous methods.

We are though open to all input into modifying the wiki and perhaps others concur with you on those matters, and a change may take place. Whatever the situation, the wiki is there for all to use and modify where needed.

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