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How Does One Disassociate MO with 'Download to NMM'?



With my current internet setup, NMM is about the only thing that will actually download data onto it, ModOrganizer will just sit there and not download anything because my ISP throttles downloads during the day except for downloading things through NMM, oddly. 

So I was wanting to know if I am able to deactivate the download to manager association feature for my own sake? Because I really don't want to wait till it's 1am or later till I can even try to download mods now. 

I hate Satellite Internet. It's literally the worst. Data caps, slow, unreliable, purposefully throttles half the internet during the day once your 1 day of good internet per month runs dry, and my only choice.

kk thnx bby xoxo

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That depends if you are going to keep MO or not. If you are going to can MO then before you delete it, go into the MO directory and run nxmhandler.exe and delete all links to MO. Next right click and select add. Navigate to NMM and OK all the way out.


If MO is gone that just run NMM as an administrator and go into the settings and toggle the selection for the NXM link off and then on. Close NMM and test.


If you are going to keep MO then look at this thread, You Can Now Open NXM Files Using Multiple Programs, it will allow you to use both programs together.

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