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Scrunched up font after a SSD reinstall



I recently decided to move my skyrim + MO install over to my SSD. It all seemed to go ok - briefly, I copied over the steam.exe file and the steamapps folder, plus the entirety of the MO folder (minus the downloads). I re-ran steam and it installed all the peripheral files. I re-did all my MO shortcuts and I'm able to run Skyrim with my original load order without any obvious glitches.


Well, except one. The font throughout the game looks scrunched up and distorted. Even the steam notification that pops up in the bottom right when I start the game is unclear and fuzzy. 


My best guess was that my resolution settings were off. But I can't find any problem - the resolution values in skyrimprefs.ini in the relevant MO profile is 1920x1080, as it has always been. The fonts are just as distorted if I start skyrim up directly with TESV.exe or with the SKSE loader in the new directory.


I discovered one additional clue - in my original installation (which I left on my HDD), the fonts look correct and clear when I start the game through the skse_loader (either through MO or directly in the skyrim directory). However, when I run the Skyrim executable directly from its directory, the fonts are once again distorted. I don't totally under how the SKSE loader works, or why it would make my game look different than the normal loader, and why doing the same thing in my new SSD installation would not similarly solve the problem.


My apologies for this longwinded explanation. I was going to attach screencaps, but the picture of the scrunched fonts did not appear distorted in my screencap. If anyone has any idea what might be going on, I'd sincerely appreciate it, as this is driving me crazy!

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Have you tried running the launcher again and double checking your resolution on that? I've had that change on me before.

Yup, checked it in the launcher and in the .ini file over and over. I ended up just going back to my HDD install. Still curious as to why I'm seeing a visual difference on the startup screen between the launcher and the skse loader.

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