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moreHUD crash Boss

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Hi guys


Im installing Skyrim SR:LE and using Boss regularly.

After installing moreHUD Boss crash every time I try to run it.

I tried reinstalling the mod and tried earlier versions, no luck so far.


I have minimal understanding of Boss so I have no idea what this can be.


Any suggestions?



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Restart you PC.

I think the adding a mod will not cause boss to crash. However, a background update will cause programs to malfunction.

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Thanks for your reply hishutep


Have to say I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but it solved the problem.

I usually do that to solve other issues that arises but I could not even imagine that a restart could fix this.

I was certain the esp was corrupted in some way so I downloaded different versions and re-downloaded latest version.


EDIT: BOSS seem to be very sensitive to something since this also happened on other mods I installed today. I never had this issue with LOOT.

Any idea what kind of activity/background update that cause this since it is starting to become annoying.

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