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Is there STEP and/or ENB benchmarking data available?



This is somewhat related to my thread here: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/7838-is-60-fps-not-achievable-with-enb-and-this-system/


I'd like to understand what FPS I should expect (assuming a good configuration) with my hardware. Benchmarking data would save me a ton of time if it indicates either that I should be able to do better or if I'm already on or close to par.


I see that benchmarking data is requested in the STEP guide. But, I don't see anywhere that this data is published. Is that a work in progress? Or am I just missing the link?

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Thank you. I had looked around and didn't see a link to it. I guess I expected something in the wiki or nav rather than a forum section...

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