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installed STEP working untill i installed Phinix Natural ENB now missing esp. in save games



my steps was working fine so i wanted to add a ENB so seen real vision looked good but killed the feel of the game for me so uninstalled it 

so i look at Phinix Natural ENB i do like it but had to turn the brightness up as its very dark do these mods add AA? as i dont need it as im in 4K 32inch

they are very heavy on my GPUs with one Titan X i get 30fps with real vision max file in Whiterun, hit 60fps with SLI

with Phinix Natural ENB i get 40-60 but drops down to 40 alot allso 60 in SLI 

before any ENB i got 60fps with one card no problem


it added a Phinix Natural ENB .esp so i run loot, and deleted Duel Sheath Redux Patch ex and remade it, it said first missing Duel Sheath Redux patch esp. so i activated it now i get missing esp.s on my saves Duel Sheath Redux still works fine 

i redone my bashed patch allso as i its change LOOT order then must re patch them 2

i could restart the game as only 2 hours into it 

is there any way to fix this? i no it said to copy files into the mod from the override but i thought would be easier and better to make fresh mods with the patches



i have now deleted the new patches added the old ones back in that i deleted, and updated them still getting missing esp.s  


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ive fixed the problem made a STEPS extended profile that i will keep, and copied my STEPS extended mods profile to add ENB mod to , so i can revert back if i mess it up 

i will start a new game as my saves will be messed up 

just leaning more now its getting easier lol

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