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Odd issues indoors



I seem to be having problems with items, or at least the sound, moving around. You know, that clank sound when you run into something and it whacks against anything. The problem is that I'm not running into anything, I'll even stand still and the sound will come up constantly. But when I turn to look at the sound it stops, when I turn away it comes back. And here's something more odd; I went to Darkwater Crossing and I had weird problems standing in the water. I would, within the span of seconds, go back and forth between walking/sneaking and swimming with the screen flickering to the color of the water. The water doesn't even come up to my knees, there should be no way I could be swimming. I even looked in third person, my chacter would go back and forth between standing/sneaking to swimming.


I remember having the former problem before when I forgot to change Enablevsync to true. In this case though I got a new monitor today, one that can go up to 144hz instead of my previous 60hz. I checked to make sure and yes, Enablevsync is set to true in the enblocal settings. But I did set my new monitor to 144hz so I'm thinking it along those lines.


So while I'm pretty certain it's something to do with my new monitor I'd like to be sure it's not something else. And if it is I'm hoping there's a way to make it play nice with the new frame rate, the game is awesome otherwise with it.

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