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Strange Error Window When making a Bashed Patch.



I Have Requiem and Immersive armors installed and I have the newest compatibility patch, From Here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61621/? (At least i believe it to be the newest...), But when i make a bashed patch i get a window with this information in it.


Requiem - Immersive Armors.esp: Unexpected subrecord: 'COBJ.CIS2'
Error loading 'COBJ' record and/or subrecord: 04005A1C
  eid = u'IARHeroicImperialBoots'
  subrecord = 'CIS2'
  subrecord size = 17
  file pos = 341010
Error in Requiem - Immersive Armors.esp


I assume it means it can't find those boots in my game but I'm not completely sure. Can anyone confirm if what I suspect is true and/or help me resolve this so that there isn't any issues with my game?


Thanks in Advance.


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