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Looking for advice of CTD near Whiterun and Riverwood



Ok, reaching out for help.  I basically have STEP 2.2 only installed with a few other weapons mods.  No mods with heavy scripting, spawns etc.  Stripped everything down on wyre bash to basically STEP.  Ran most everything thru DDSopt to optimize.  Starting new run throughs and I keep getting crashes when I approach Whiterun and Riverwood.  It doesn't happen everytime, sometimes I can make a very wide and round about approach to get there without crashing but more often than not I keep crashing.  I've tried having the resolution at both 1960 x 1040 and even lowering to 1600 x 900.  Truthfully in all other areas the framerates seem great and look great.  Is there a way of tracking down the cause of the crashes?  Papyrus log?  Getting Frustrated to the point where I'm thinking about hanging up Skyrim for awhile.  Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Thanks Jason

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