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STEP instructions not clear if no DLC present


I am running through STEP v2.2.9 and noticed that for two mods (so far) STEP says to install versions that support DLCs which I do not have.


For the first, Skyrim Project Optimization, I am told to use the "Full Version" yet there are different downloads available based on which DLCs are installed.  Should I still use the Full Version even if I don't have any DLCs?


For the second, Trade and Barter, I am told to use the Hearthfire version, yet there is a download available for people without that DLC.  Should I still use the Hearthfire version even if I don't have any DLCs?

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You are correct. Obviously you can't install options that require DLCs you don't have.

STEP now only fully supports Skyrim Legendary, ie all DLCs. You can still use the guide, but you'll obviously need to be careful when installing some mods.


If you notice any that mention downloading a certain version of a mod if you have all DLC, or a different version if you don't, please feel free to post links etc here, as it will help clean up and remove those type of instructions to make things more consistent.


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