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Skyrim Distance Overhaul doesn't install in MO: "Extracting Failed (9)



Should I removed the fomod folder and try again? 


I've tried now with two different download (one manual and one via MO).


I get the FOMOD window when I install, with the prompt for SOD and Morthal Swamp trees. I make the STEP-advised selections and then choose Next. It runs (I'm not prompted for the kyFalls and SkyMills Patch optional file) and then the error window Extracting Failed (9) appears.


I read about this error on these forums and think I saw something about the FOMOD option sometimes messing MO up.


Any advice? Thanks.



Update- encountered the same error attempting to install Optimized High Res DLC Standard Part 2 and Part 3, respecitvely, which is a bit worrying.  These two mods I had downloaded partially in MO but they timed out and I wasn't able to reinstall them via MO, so I deleted the partial download and the accompanying META file, then downloaded manually. I then moved the two ZIP files into the MO downloads folder (niether has a META file) and tried to install in MO.

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That is extremely annoying to say the least. May be just a bad download. How long have you been using MO? Been using for months and this is the first time this happened or just installed MO, things like that.

Please provide you MO version and your FOMOD installer options, not external, in the plugins tab. The more info we have the better someone may be able to provide and answer.

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