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XP32 Detailed instructions....not so detailed.



I just finished my step extended setup and took off for a test drive. Other than a pretty significant drop in fps which I'm sure can be cured with more tweaking, everything worked great so far except, DSR. I even questioned the instructions during the initial install because I have used these mods before along with IMA and not had any issues. Well it didn't work in game. I had no weapon sliders to adjust weapon placement. I re installed as I always have.


No Frostfall

dagger @ back anim

sword @ back

axe at back

mace @ hip 

no two handed

race menu plugin









Hopefully this helps anyone having the same issue.


On a positive note I have the best looking Skyrim EVER!!!! 

Thanks to everyone that put their hard work into this project and those of you that support the forums and help all us noobs with our issues! 



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Yep, I'm an idiot! Was using the wrong version. Sorry. Please delete this so no one see how stupid I am. If I had scrolled up just a little I would have seen that note at the top for the SFW download link. Geez  wasted two hours trying to figure this out last night.

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