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Any input on whether these mods will work with STEP?



I realize that non-step installations are not technically supported, but if anyone has any input, it would be greatly appreciated:

I've been working on my STEP setup for a few days now, and it occurs to me that, there being other mods I want to use, I should check to see if they are going to be usable with all the STEP stuff I am using.  I know it's a lot to ask, I'm not expecting anyone to go and test my mods for me, but if anyone knows offhand if some of these are okay or not, any input would be appreciated.

such as

Additional Children CLothes  -54580
Dovahkinder Collection        -45642
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions-29249
Silverstead Manor            -61483
Civil War Overhaul           -37216
Dragon Combat Overhaul       -32597
Elaborate Textiles           -19826
Enchantment Reload Fix       -52717
Equip more RIngs             -36475
Falskaar                     -37994
Gildergreen Regrown          -12254
Hunterborn                   -33201
Immersive Armors             -19733
Immersive Saturation Boost   -32064
Immersive Weapons            -27644
Inconsequential NPCs         -36334
OMINOUSDragonSoulAbsorbMusic -60767
Run For Your Lives           -23906
Skyrim Immersive Creatures   -24913
Sofia Follower               -54527
VioLens -A killmove mod      -56980


I'm sorry, is this a stupid question for me to even be asking here?

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STEP is just a base. When you finished your STEP install, make a copy of your STEP profile and use that to add you own touch. This preserves your base STEP profile and allows your own customized profile. I use many of the mods you have listed. You may also wish to look at Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition (SR:LE) which already includes many of those mods.

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VioLens, Immersive Creatures, Immersive Armours, Gildergreen Reborn and Falskaar are all in my game with no issues.


And no, not a stupid question to ask.


Just check each mod's page carefully, see if it claims any incompatibility with any mods. If not then you're probably going to be OK. You may need the occasional patch to get things working, and if so, with any luck the mod author provides them, or links to where they can be found.

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Civil War Overhaul           - You need to patch CWO and AOS. I believe it is one record. In xEdit make it green/yellow in this case
Dragon Combat Overhaul       - I think the same goes for DCO
Falskaar                     - fine to use
Gildergreen Regrown          - should already be there
Hunterborn                   - should be fine
Immersive Armors             - dito
Immersive Saturation Boost   - I prefer ENB but it should be fine
Immersive Weapons            - should be fine
Inconsequential NPCs         - should be fine I
OMINOUSDragonSoulAbsorbMusic - only a music replacer, so it should be fine.
Run For Your Lives           - should already be included
Skyrim Immersive Creatures   - should be fine. You need a different EBT patch included in EBT.
Sofia Follower               - never used but should be fine
VioLens -A killmove mod      - should be fine

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