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ENB Question

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This is going to sound like a stupid question.


I have never used an ENB.  I have things set up the the way the SR guide says to and I am now ready to play.  Do I need to do anything special for ENB to start the game, or do I use the SKSE executable in MO as I always have?

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Once you are in game Shift+Enter will bring up the ENB menu and allow you to adjust the ENB settings.  You might find that you prefer a different look, or if your FPS is too low (use * to display FPS in upper left) you can use this menu to use less performance demanding settings for your ENB in order to boost your FPS.

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If you launch it through SKSE in MO you should see some colored writing in the upper left of the first loading screen as the game is first loading (before you click on New, Load, etc.) describing the ENB version, etc. If you don't see this it is not loading the ENB.  Also if Shift Enter doesn't work.

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