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Boss or Loot

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If you are following STEP or you are doing your own install use LOOT.

If you are using SR:LE then use BOSS because that is what Neo wants to use in his guide.


LOOT is BOSS successor but it is a completely different style of things. There are some people that advocate for BOSS but a majority have switched.

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Basically at this point, BOSS is stable and things arent likely to change / move on you. LOOT is still being worked / updated and thus requires vigilance that things will not be continuously moving depending on your load order. (i.e. BOSS is more predictable than LOOT)

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Should you switch between BOSS & LOOT?


Short answer: No


Long answer: No, never


Even longer answer: Well you could, but if you are not sure as to why either is sorting the plugins in the way that they do, then it will likely cause you angst and a search for reasoning as to why.

The crux of the matter is what ever method you choose, stick to it. The same team of programmers are handling the software and there is still an active development stage happening with LOOT. In the long run LOOT will win out by shear weight of numbers, but in the meantime, save yourselves the anxiety and stick with the SR suggestion of BOSS.

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