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Help on .ini and MO



Good morning!


Re-starting the STEP-Core process from scratch, and before I start tweaking .ini's i wan to make sure I'm doing it right.  So I have Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini files in multiple locations...


E:\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\skyrim.ini

C:\Games\Mod Organizer\profiles\STEP Core\skyrim.ini



E:\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\skyrim.ini


C:\Games\Mod Organizer\profiles\STEP Core\SkyrimPrefs.ini


I've seen different opinions on installing MO in/out of the Skyrim main folder.  What I landed on is...

Skyrim is at...C:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim

MO is at...C:\Games\Mod Organizer



1)  Any issues NOT having MO (and WryeBash, TESS5Edit, etc) in a non-Skyrim folder...even for reasons other than .ini stuff?

2)  Should I use MO INI Editor or the Configurator?  Can't figure out how to add/delete things from the Configurator?

3)  when I change the .ini's in MO, none of the others above change...I assume that's correct?  Why are they even in so many different places?  (I already backed up the vanilla .ini's)


Noob questions but I just can't find definitive answers on this anywhere.






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1. Having MO etc outside the Skyrim directory just means you need to tell them you are trying to play/edit Skyrim I believe. Having them in the skyrim directory allows them to pick that up automagically.

2. Use the ini editor. To access all the options in the configurator you need to change from "basic" to "advanced" but you still can't delete items. I think. Definitely easier to just copy the new lines into the ini using the editor though.

Be very careful not to duplicate anything, and the only spelling mistake should be in the word texure.

3. You are correct. MO makes a new ini for each profile, and your original skyrim directory remains untouched.


The definitive answers to all your questions are actually all in the guide/s. Make sure to read carefully, and some instructions are on the "Detailed Instructions" pages.

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