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followers stronger than me !





I have a strange feeling after plying few hours now on a skyrim modded perfectly as I want.

Step extended + few mods (immersive creature, OBIS, deadly combat and then armor and weapon mod, and the amazing perkus maximus).

But I am right now level 9, playing in expert difficulty ( because I use animated potion, and fight with no potion are silly hard enough), but I feel really weak compare to my actual folower Lydia. She do more damage and cannot be one shooted, and my dragonborn  look ....weak compare to her. And without her it is impossible for the moment...

Is it a normal feeling with perkus maximus or something is wrong in my mods ? (last year I play skyrim on master with asis and duel....and it was about same diffuculty !)



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Hi hardtroll,


Since you are playing on EXPERT mode that means that all NPCs (INCLUDING YOUR FOLLOWERS) will be better than you. 

According to the UESP, the difficulty level affects the damage you deal and the damage you receive:


Difficulty | Damage Dealt | Damage Taken


Novice     | x2           | x0.5

Apprentice | x1.5         | x0.75

Adept      | x1           | x1

Expert     | x0.75        | x1.5

Master     | x0.5         | x2

Legendary  | x0.25        | x3


This means that your followers deal 1.5x more damage than you, and they only take 0.75x as much damage.  This is the downside of playing at higher difficulty levels.  You might want to consider using mods that increase battle difficulty without having to increase the difficulty mode.  For example I use Deadly Combat, Combat Evolved, ACE, and Fighting Fatigue.


*Edit* Another option would be to use a follower mod that allows you to specify how strong your followers are.  For example I use AFT and it allows me manual control over the health, stamina, magic, and stats of my followers (assuming those followers are in the standard following system; mods that add followers like Vilja and Inigo 2.0 would be an exception to this).

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Good, it really does make sense. Because for me to have a follower stronger than me break the immersion too much ! 

I have try to play in adept, and it is really better, even if fights are easier, it is still challenging and I don't feel to be the follower (and my follower to be the dovakhin) !

For mods, I already have Deadly combat and prekus maximus. So I will look for Combat Evolved and ACE.

Wahtever, thanks a lot for your reply, I feel better now !

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