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List of Suggestions


Uniformity in STEP guide.

This is the first time I've installed STEP and I'm not that big on modding out my game; last playthrough had 45 mods/retextures/patches to avoid conflicts, CtD, and the very rare BSoD.

I will try to provide examples of all the problems and excellence but I've been at this for two days and am still not done (and didn't write the mods down that threw me off).


Baseline - the base from which you start.  Which one do I click on to get it on my computer when there are multiple choices.


Notes - additional information, recommendations, and links to instructions if available.


Points of discontinuity examples

HD Sacks: notes should be moved to Baseline

Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux: Baseline should be moved to notes or even detailed instuctions.  Can be seen as redundant in current documentation.


Instructions are not uniformed either.  STEP has some GREAT things here with the FOMOD installer layout (liked if STEP hid long ones (example: aMidian) like Enhanced Blood, but some are missing this beautiful layout when it could be used instead of paragraph text, especially when reading it in paragraph form. Convert this to FOMOD presentation.

Example: Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux


Instructions or Baseline are missing for some mods as well.  Those that have multiple choices and options and for the most part people can make decisions they see fit example: Rens HD Shrines, horn of charity seems a little out of Bethesda's vision there, there is also at least one more FOMOD which lacks documentation completely and one which I can choose between loose and BSA that are not documented.



Should be a link to a guide on how to do this with MO.  Pain in the arse looking for a file that is only slightly different than those surrounding it.  One mod had a "_p" that I don't think is associated with any of the resources used in Skyrim's engine and the other resources that had the same basename were removed according to the directions in STEP. It was on the high quality of one of the mods.  Do I keep it?  It shouldn't hurt anything but why is it there?



Some of the loot information varies from page to page.  Since Loot meta works by asking what a mod should load after all of the mods involved should have it associated as: "Awesome mod" load after "Amazing mod".  Clear and concise on all pages.  SkyFalls is an example of this not happening where Realistic Water is on the ball.



Priority in Mod Organizer

I'm installing these mods for the most part in the order they are listed unless I get stuck or have to read a paragraph to install them (or have to look for files to hide them).  I knkow how to change the priority in Mod Manager after a google search but there isn't one listed anywhere.  Because of the lack of documentation I have one file which is redudant (Ultra Realistic Bow Sound) and that makes me think that I'm going to have one crazy looking skyrim because meshes or textures won't be coming from the correct spot with all these loose files being loaded out of order.

Off Topic? Would be nice to see a way to maybe download a file or plugin for MO and just press a button to make the priorities be correct with STEP.


Extended files

Files should clearly state if they are not needed for extended [patch] users in the notes on the guide page. If the mod requires detailed instructions the differences associated with the directions or files should be stated at the same time as the core.  Currently they are listed in a seperate section which requires going back and forth between steps to verify that it's being done correctly.  There are two which made it difficult to determine if I need additional files or no files at all.  Example: Brawl Bugs Patch.


Off-topic? LibreOffice Calc

Macros need a little work.  The code for MicroSoft Excel is close but needs some translation to work.  I actually don't know how to do this and am instead using a replace function with literal expressions and each test takes about 10 minutes to just format correctly - and thus have given up on doing bench marks.


Mods that are unstable or cause CtD

If they are known to cause issues why are they in STEP Core/Extended? Example: Deadly Spell Impacts, Burn Freeze Shock Effects, and I think there is at least one more.

Are these mods required for the STEP Patch to work?  I don't want something that is going to cause me to rage over my game not having saved in 40 minutes because I'm just out giant hunting and flower picking.  Yes I forget to save and I have no reason to go into the menu because I'm using hotkeys.  It's actually why I decided to try this.  Last playthrough I couldn't press R to loot all on creatures (mamoths to skeevers) and after looting them they would magically be removed from the game, even if I clicked on them with the console to try and bring them back.  Had to reload to a save from 4 days back and was upset about it.


I would like to keep this open for more items that I feel are lacking, redundant or should be kept (because they are amazing).  I am still installing STEP and currently on step 2.M but am going back to arrange priorities. Yeah, I know how close I am but I still need to follow the batch patch and make sure things work and troubleshoot.  I like to follow the documentation as best as I can so I can provide help to others who have never modded their game before... dumb friends who don't know what the master race is.


I hope some of these changes can be made towards the 2.3.0 guide that is in development right now.

edits: grammar and pronoun usage


additional edits:

Better turn animation has a statement that is misleading.  The files that need to be hidden are in the main file but the way it's worded makes it seem like it's in the patch.

Edited by pacfish

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Just some quick remarks:


FOMOD template is a work in progress. It does have a hidden/expand feature that is enabled, but some unknown conflict on the wiki somewhere causes it to not be enabled.


Mods you mention as being prone to CTD is not necessarily so, especially with the Sheson Memory Patch that has largely eliminated this kinds of problems. We do not leave mods in STEP that cause CTD irreparably.

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