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SK:LE update

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I am running SK:LE with ETAC, iNPCs, and a few other mods. It is great and remarkably stable--thanks for the amazing work!


That said, I like to look over the install page every couple days to see what has been updated/changed so I can stay current. I looked at the history wiki page and am unable as to make sense out of the updates. Is there a way to see what has been changed or updated recently? 


Thanks as always, 

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The History page is the correct place to look - you can pick a range of dates to compare and you will see the edits - you can then go down to the mods affected and review their current installation instructions.


If there are too many edits, break it down into smaller chunks of, say, a day at a time.

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What I am seeing is a list of edits--which is what i want--but I am not seeing a reference to the content changed


see image https://postimg.org/image/p7x1zm6tx/


Is there a way i can tell what was changed on 1/18 for example? 



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Select last entry before the 18th in left column, latest in right column and select Compare Selected Revisions.

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