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Generally just need a bit of help


So I decided to re-install and start modding a few days ago and I seem to be having a few issues.  I made it through the STEP Extended and still have 45-62 FPS.  So I decided I wanted to add the REGS stuff in as well.   Well then it all went to ****.  0-5 FPS in and around the cities and guaranteed CTD in Whiterun. So I deactivated all the REGS mods and reactivated them one at a time.  It seems the main problem is the JK's mods violently having its way with my FPS.  Sadly at the moment I only have 6gb of RAM, it is the next upgrade on my list, but for the time being do I need to just not mess with REGS?


Also are there any STEP recommended NPC "overhauls" to make the general populace look a little better?


and, When adding the WALL items do I need to make a merged patch?  I think I had to do that the last time I did a lot of item adding mods so that they would all be in the game properly but I can't remember. 

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Sorry this tab got buried in my browser window.

Despite your limited RAM you should still be able to use ENBoost at the minimum it should help a little

Try these things in order and if one doesn't help move to the next please.

1. Read this: Link

2. See if this error still occurs if you disable ENB with Shift-F12 (Assuming you're using one)

3. Lower shadow resolution

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