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New to it all, Overwhelmed by problems



Hello everyone~! My name is Selwen, I am new to SKyrim and the Modding world. I have spent countless hours studying and learning everything I can about playing Skyrim as a modded game. I need help in many area's. But before I ask for specific help, I wanted to watch the Video's I just discovered on your website to see how many of my issues I can learn to fix myself. Once I am done, I would like to make a Thread requesting help on the area's that I am too ignorant to learn on my own.. I am grateful that there is a site such as this, with people dedicated to helping others learn about this amazing game. I promise that in return, once I am able, I will return the favor by helping others on this site, as well as other sites.


My Computer Specs are:

Windows 8.1

Quad-Core "Yorkfield" 2.66 mhz OC'd to 3.6

Maximus Formula II MB

4Gb DDR2 Muskin Ram (800mhz)

R9 270X 4G DDR5 GPU

55" Plasma Monitor (Panasonic)


My current list of issues:

Missing Masters in MOD

FNIS problems

Still need to learn Loot, wyre bash.


My First question I have is, once I have a completed mod package chosen in MOD with the Master issue resolved. What should be my next steps? Wyre Bash, Loot? am I missing any other essential programs that I need to run?


Good to be here, thank you in advance for your help... I am most grateful.

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Did you follow the STEP guide? If you do, then all of the instructions tell you exactly what to do. If the guide and related info do not provide necessary details, please report in support area or on the bug thread. If more general issues not relating to STEP, then you should post under Skyrim forum or General support.


In other words, please only ask for help with a specific mod build once you have followed the relevant guide (or if the relevant guide fails to provide specific info needed). Otherwise, post in Skyrim forums (or general support) to see if you can fish for general modding help.

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Pretty much what z says above. With your missing masters, though, you should be able to mouse over the little sign to see what file's missing.


I'd bet it's likely something simple like you've installed an optional patch for one mod for another mod you currently don't have installed. Have a peek at that first. 


I'd also wager that the FNIS issue is the old T-Pose? That usually means the generator for FNIS isn't loaded properly or in the right place, or didn't run correctly.


But yep, jump into the support area as above and we'll get more specific on possible fixes for you. Your machine surely is good enough to run Skyrim modded to hell, so that wont be an issue.


Welcome, and we'll see how we can go about getting you up to speed. :)

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