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Does MO LOOT use your Userlist?



Please take a look at the AOS readme file. It outlines how Skyrim handles sounds. Towards the bottom the author specifically states known mods that conflict with AOS, Immersive Sounds being one of them.


Just make sure that any ESPs get loaded after any other sound mod ESPs. Use LOOT or BOSS to make your userlist exception.


Edit: Still, this does not explain why it did not work when it was the only mod enabled. I will still try looking for a solution.

Quick question, somewhat related (apologies in advance if someone that I'm hijacking the thread)... does MO's built-in LOOT support userlists? If so, does it read from the %APPDATA% folder just as the standalone version of LOOT does? I ask because I'm using AOS as well, so I'm wondering if sorting within MO ignores my userlist.

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I stand corrected then. I took a look in my appdata LOOT folder just now and to my surprise I did not have a userlist.yaml file there and I have been making all sorts of edits to my list over the past few days. Guess I will be doing a search for my custom order list.


I deleted the skyrim folder and it was created once LOOT was run. I only see the default changes between the internal and external LOOT runs.

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