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Can MO "save" configerations?



Is it possible to get MO to save / export a config?


Like say I have Skyrim setup and it is all workign great and I want to keep that. I press a button and it exports all the mods, ini files etc etc w/e .. so say ages latter I can install Skyrim, click import and have everythign setup agian? Or take a USB to a mates house and just click into install skyrim.


Basicaly setup my own "pack" of mods that can be "one click" installed?

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MO is portable, so you can put the entire thing on a USB stick and take anywhere. The profiles folder saves everything as far as saves, INIs, and the order of mods in the left pane. If you were going to move it to a USB stick then I'd suggest leaving the download folder out of it since it will take up way more space.

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