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Miscellaneous Quest Bugged? - Kill the Leader of Uttering Hills Camp



Hi all,


I am using STEP 2.2.9 Extended, and everything was going well until I accepted a miscellaneous quest from an NPC in Windhelm. The quest log indicates to "Kill the Leader of Uttering Hills Camp". There is an indicator on my map of the location, and when I go there, there is in indication of where the leader is. When I go to the indicated location of the bandit leader, there is a female bandit chief, which is expected and consistent with the purpose of the quest.


However, when I kill the bandit chief, the quest does not update, and the arrow on the map continues to point to the location of the bandit chief.


If I try to force advancement of the quest via the console, I can retrieve the reward from the NPC in Windhelm, but the quest remains unfinished in my log and the indicator continues to point at the location of the cave (and to the location of the late bandit chief).


I have read of complications of this quest with another quest involving an NPC named Linwe, but I have not done the Thieves Guild questline yet, so there should not be a conflict.


Can anyone provide any suggestions on how to complete this quest? I am not sure how to proceed because I don't want to cause further issues to my saved game.

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I figured it out, somewhat. I found this link:




... which suggested this console command sequence:


prid 7d67a




This resolved the issue, although I'm not sure why, since the NPC "Kjar" sent me on the mission "Harsh Master", which is unrelated to the "Kill the Bandit Leader" radiant quest. Also, the "Harsh Master" quest is nowhere to be found in my quest logs. Perhaps this is something the STEP team may want to look at fixing for a future release.

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