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LOOT: Question about Userlist-Rules



This text is copied from a reddit-post i created and explains the situation briefly. I hope this is understandable and someone on this forum could actually help me. Mood currently quite down because of exzessive searching and trying to make this work manually -,-"



Sorry if this seems a bit silly to some people, but i ran out of ideas. I searched for a rather long time and tried to figure this out myself, but i just can not. My problem is that i want/have installed STEP Core, Extended, REGS and SR:LE and i want to add a rule to LOOT regarding mods. In general this helped me a lot with understanding modding and i got it somewhat stable, despite SKSE memory patch not working (for whatever reason..) There is just this one thing that bugs me to hell. Often people add Userlist rules for BOSS. A short example, though not regarding real .esp's: hello.esp BOTTOM MCM mods

Now...this is a rule created for a BOSS userlist. Easy to execute as far as i can tell. The thing is that i am using LOOT and before giving up and switching to BOSS, i want to solve this problem. How do i add such a userlist rule to LOOT?

All i can do is using the "LOAD AFTER" rule, which works, ofcourse, but having lists of 200+ mods and then suddenly a rule like "...bottom 150 mods" showing up is like a bitchslap for me. Or rather...a huge timewaste.

Long story short... How do i add a "hello.esp BOTTOM blabla mods" rule from BOSS to LOOT?

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Thank you for the reply.


This issue is only regarding SR:LE right now for me.


SO how exactly should i treat these BOSS userlist rules then? Ignore them and simply run loot? DO i then have to manually controle the results i get from loot? Because honestly i allready see myself failing to realize that a mod didnt actually load after all other MCM mods. 


But if you cant do it then there is no choice either way i guess. Thanks again for clarifying.


I think i should provide the source of my problem..



Author: Ahzaab
Version: 2.1.3
Mod Notes: This mod displays information about an object that the player is targeting such as alchemy effects, weight, and complete armor/weapon stats without having to pick them up.
Mod Dependencies:

BOSS Masterlist Update Required: (Updating Guide)

  • AHZmoreHUD.esp BOTTOM MCM Mods


This is a direct Quote from the guide. So should this be ignored basicly?

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Thanks for the answers. Not really happy with it but i guess ill switch and when setup is done ill compare BOSS and LOOT load-orders. Maybe ill find some clues or so...


Regardless, thanks for your time and helping me.




I know this question might be a bit annoying, but could someone please give me a link how to setup BOSS, BUM and MO correctly? Didnt find it on google or the SR:LE guide. I just went with my own.."settings" right now and was able to input said BOSS rule which also got recognised. I just wanna make sure im not missing anything...

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