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Problem after deactivation of Sound of Skyrim mods



Hello all i have a weird problem and was wondering if anybody here could help me


First off this problem really is all my fault but seeing if i can get any help anyways


I was using all three of the SoS mods and was having no problems with save game bloating. But was still fairly early in the game but I thought I would remove them and delete them before it/if it happened. After I removed the mods my save game went from 4 MB to 80 MB. So I got save game bloat after removal ensted of during gameplay. And now my game freezes for a few seconds and starts playing again fine but this happens every minute or so of gameplay. So every minute or so the game freezes for a few secs and plays again which is very annoying. And i accdently deleted my saved games before i removed the mods. SO i'm wondering if there is anyway of fixing this problem? And also is there a way of getting the save game file back down to a normal size?





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How to fix the problem regularly:

   Reinstall SoS mods and load save prior to save bloat. Follow the procedure detailed in this post to properly remove.


You can TRY to do the same loading up the bloated save but I think your screwed tbh...

As to why you'd want to uninstall these beauties is another story altogether. There is NO BLOAT unless you uninstall them improperly.

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