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Very poor performance



Hi everyone,


I just started playing Skyrim again and installed nearly all the mods from the STEP. The performance was awful, so I uninstalled everything and started to add the mods one by one testing the performance every once in a while.


Everything worked fine until I started installing B3 graphics mods. I actually thought by then (I tested the game after installing Skyrim Redesigned and everything worked just fine) that the performance issues were caused by some old mod I had installed before that hadn't uninstalled properly or something like that. I installed most of the B3 mods but the only red-FPs mods I installed were Lush Grass (that I tested individually because of reports of bad performance, no problems), HQ Winterhold and Burn-Freeze-Shock Effects.


I'm puzzled because the game worked well with most of the bad-FPS mods installed prior the B3 mods. Have you had these kinds of troubles? Has some other B3 mod reportedly cause very bad performance?


My computer:

AMD Phenom II X4 Processor (3,2 GHz)

ATI Radeon HD 5570



Thanks in advance.

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Yes, I followed the recommendations to the letter, graphic drivers are up to date and CCC is set as instructed.


The resolution was probably 60% 2048 and 40% 1012, but I didn't have too many problems before I started installing the B3 mods. So all the performance-heavy mods were installed and they were working. After I installed Skyrim Redesigned (the last mod from the B2 list) and Lush Grass, everything worked. Thanks for the tip with aero-disabling.


Is there some mod (in the B3 list) that isn't mark a red-fps that could cause these problems?

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Reesham, you haven't mentioned how much vram you have. It is critical if you have 1GB or less that you only install 1024 or less textures, the issue is not a single mod but the accumulated performance drop after you install all 200 mods, at some point you will hit the straw that breaks your computers back and run into issues.

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