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Some Question's about the STEP Procedure (Clarification Needed)


I am going trough the STEP Core procedure now but I am still having some questions. I am going to list them by a serie number and for reference please answer them by series number.


Number 1

After I install the sections in order that they appear do I have to check the squares (in mod manager) also in the same order as listed? Also do I really need to install them all?


Number 2

STEP Core and Step Extended plugins have to be set as last in the load order (but installed first: correct me if I am wrong) however after I am done with step do all mods I want to have installed afterwards like Open Cities, Katixa's Ciderhouse, Dovah Brewery, Become High King of Skyrim, Heartfire Multiple adoptions, Skyrealism and so forth after the plugins? Or before them? I know that STEP should be used for every modded setup but I need to be sure.


Number 3

I know that some mods need compality patches like Dual Sheet Redux, now I want to use OBIS (Organized Bandits in Skyrim) in the future and it seems that there is a compality patch for OBIS in DSR, should I install this during the STEP procedure or after it?


Number 4

I know that some mods like Frostfall are included in STEP Packs but Can I just take the mods out of the StEP Pack I want and them install them? Or do I really need to follow the entire procedure pack and install the other mods even if I do not want them? For Example I am not gonna use Realistic Needs and Diseases (RND) because this causes a 'gameplay' conflict with Eat and Sleep Synergy. ( A gameplay conflict in the sense that Eat and Sleep takes priority but You cannot see the effects of RND anymore). Also can I use different STEP Packs together?


Number 5

Can STEP and Wyre Bash solve suttle conflicts? By a Suttle Conflict I mean like this one: I used Open Cities of Skyrim and Katixa's Ciderhouse sadly this causes a subtle conflict because the books of Battle Born Farm-Pelagia Farm (where you can order Wheat, Tomato and Letuce) and and the one of the Drunken Huntsman (Markstall in Whiterun not the house) dissappear. The Dronken Huntsman book gets inside the Drunken Hunstman House but the books of pelagie farm-battle born farm are missing. I know there is gonna be  a compality patch later on but I want to know if this STEP procedure with Wyre Bash can solve things like this for now?

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Number Juan:

It doesn't matter the order that you check off the mods after you extract them with MO (mod Organizer). The files are never placed physically in the location of the Skyrim directory. So you can tick them on at any time and it won't matter. What does matter is the priority number you have assigned them, you can move them up or down and they should match the order in which they show on the list in STEP.


Number Duex:

It's generally recommended by STEP, GEMS, and everyone else to get STEP done first, ensure stability/functionality, then do whatever you want. But some things may or may not conflict.


Number Tre:

Yes, any mods you add on after STEP you must include the compatibility patches for new and previous mods.


Number Fur:

The thing to remember about STEP is, it's there as a guide. You can deviate in any way you want. They make recommendations, you can choose to follow them or not. As such, installing other mods from different packs, is fine. Normally all packs will recommend doing the STEP Core or Extended first, then add on the packs. Something I've done in the past is completed STEP, then added on about 30 or so mods of my own liking. It worked fine. Sometimes I couldn't include, but that's the way it goes.


Number Fem:

Probably not. This is usually a give and take. if one mod takes priority over another, it will over write things that other mods may use/need. If this is the case, what you can normally do is use xEdit (TES5Edit/FO4Edit) and manually attempt to take out or choose which parts of the conflicts you want to keep from the ESPs. This is complicated, and not recommended if you've never done that sort of thing. I have not, so I don't do that. When it comes to things like these, I just adjust load order and or priority in MO.

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After you have a fully installed and stable STEP setup working in Mod Organizer, click Configure Profiles, select your working STEP Profile, and click Copy. Name this new profile whatever you want and install any additional mods on top of STEP in this new profile. This way if you need to revert for any reason, all you need to do is delete the current profile and copy your working STEP profile to a new profile.

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