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Wrye Bash Error (Bashed Patch)


When rebuilding my bashed patch, wrye bash gave me what I would assume to be an error.


Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp: Unexpected subrecord: 'COBJ.CIS2'
Error loading 'COBJ' record and/or subrecord: 0200AB72
  eid = u'IARHeroicStormcloakHelmet'
  subrecord = 'CIS2'
  subrecord size = 17
  file pos = 477699
Error in Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp
Is this anything to be worried about? The .esp is from Immersive Armors
Edited by xAtomz

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Did you find anything about this xAtomz?  I just installed Hunterborn and the Harvesting Overhaul and got this message for the first time when recreating the bashed patch.  I've not fired up Skyrim to see if it in fact has caused an issue - I immediately went to Google, and that brought me here.


Will do more searching and check back here later today.

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