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SRLE + SkyRe: working with the Reproccer WIP


Update - 1 JUL: This may be the last update regarding SkyRe, the reproccer and merging it with SRLE. I've learned a ton, even made my own patches which was decidely fun.


Here's the Bottom Line:

SkyRe is an ambitious and amazingly good mod. However, in its current (final) state 1.3.01 it is just not compatible. It will run, and run pretty darn well for the most part with SRLE thanks to the many patches by Xathra, Gruffy, Raulfin, and many other mod authors. The crafting issues are just too large for me to continue working on it. To really make things compatible, consistent, predictable and sensible, it will take someone with the knowledge and skills to modify the Reproccer. With SkyRe v2 (Perkus Maximus) in development it does not make sense to continue pursuing fixes for 1.3.01. The reproccer does not handle the many recipes in SRLE and SkyRe properly. Resulting in multiple issues such as duplicate recipes, missing perks/mod features, menu issues, etc.. to provide consistent enough gameplay that I've grown accustomed to via Kryptopyr's superb mods. For crafting geeks like myself, its 90% of the enjoyment. 


I plan to continue work on my crafting patch for standalone SRLE. Its a much easier task for my current skillset. I'll keep a link here for the standalone patch for those that want to use it.


Also, I'll leave these notes up for reference for anyone else that wants to see what they can do with SkyRe and SRLE.


A huge thanks to everyone who has contributed help, via patches, guidance, questions along the way. Gimpyone, Thaismule, DanielCoffey, Garfink, Fireundubh (those scripts are a godsend!)..


27 JUNE 2014 crafting patch:



SRLE build updated to Neo's guide as of 27 JUN. I have not yet tested any of the SkyRe patches listed below. However, I have finished and tested the Crafting Patch on SRLE and feel confident enough to share it. I still consider it a beta. There are features I want to add that will take more time. You can find it uploaded in my github..."SR Crafting Patch v##.esp".


I highly recommend adding Kryptopyr's Smithing Perks Overhaul_Remade and Updated to a SRLE build (without SkyRe installed). It enhances the crafting menus from Kryptopyr's other mods included in SRLE (WAF, CCF, CCOR) and reworks the smithing skill tree to one that makes sense..(SPO Remade has a few different versions of the skill tree that you can choose from. I prefer the New Skill Tree #2). Perk requirements and faction quest requirements should still work with the new recipes...SPO Remade and Updated is NOT required for this patch.


You must have these mods installed for the patch to work. It sorts properly with LOOT. If using BOSS, it goes AFTER these masters:


Masters for SRLE Crafting Patch_v09.esp: 
00  Skyrim.esm01  Update.esm02  Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp  [Version 2.0.4a]03  Dawnguard.esm04  HearthFires.esm05  Dragonborn.esm06  Falskaar.esm07  Wyrmstooth.esp  [Version 1.11]08  Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp09  Complete Crafting Overhaul_Remade.esp0A  Skyrim Immersive Creatures.esp  [Version v6.5.2]0B  Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp0C  SkyrimCoinReplacerRedux.esp0D  OBIS.esp0E  OBISDB.esp0F  Skyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2.esp  [Version v6.5.2]10  WetandCold.esp11  WetandCold - Ashes.esp12  WetandCold - Holidays.esp13  aMidianBorn_ContentAddon.esp14  Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp15  Cloaks.esp16  Chesko_Frostfall.esp17  1nivWICCloaksCRAFT.esp  [Version 2.3]
The masters list above is based on a LOOT load order. If using BOSS, create a BUM rule to load SRLE Crafting Patch_v##.esp AFTER aMidianBorn_ContentAddon.esp. Also you may want to sort masters on SRLE Crafting Patch_v##.esp in TES5 to match your BOSS load order.
NOTE: If any of these mods in the required master list (above) get updated/merged, the SR Crafting Patch may need updated IF EDID's change or it introduces new items not covered by the patch. When SIC v7 is released,...it will likely need updated.
2nd NOTE: You can change some features of this patch in TES5Edit. However, altering fields that require item EDID's/FORM ID's without esm-ify-ing the masters and loading it in the CK to edit it may break it. (Not a big deal really, just reinstall a fresh copy from github).


Why did I make this patch?:

The current reproccer is spotty with creating meltdown recipes. Many items that do not have breakdown recipes in SRLE, will continue to have them missing after using the reproccer. Thus I made the patch for SRLE standalone. I have not tested the reproccer with this patch installed and therefore cannot guarantee the result. (I will be testing soon with SkyRe installed).


What does it do?:

  • Adds many breakdown recipes for items (Armor and Weapons) that did not have one (roughly 900 items..if counting alternate recipes 1,100)
  • Extends CCO learning to items that did not have it
  • Cleans up a few items in the Smelter menu and Tanning Rack menu.
  • Moves all leather and cloth deconstruction off the Skyrim Tanning rack to Frostfall's virtual/survival tanning rack. To Access it, make sure you set hotkeys in the MCM menu for Frostfall.
  • Adjusts a handful of creation recipes to be consistent with the new breakdown recipes (to maintain a 'loss of material' aspect when deconstructing an item)
  • Adds some alternative breakdown recipes for items such as jewelry, and 'Winter Is Coming' hooded helms, to give a choice on which components to recover...i.e. ingot or gems, hood or helmet...
  • Modifies condition checks on 1-Handed weapons so that duel weilding characters will not Smelt their "equipped" weapons. (Only for items that needed a breakdown recipe. I have not checked items with already existing/working breakdown recipes yet.)
  • Slightly alters a few item creation recipes to allow for recovery of dragonbone and dragonscale items.

What it does not do?

  • Does not extend CCO functionality such as "equipped" condition checks to items from mods missing them. (<-Something I would like to check & add in the future.) ONLY the items I added BreakDown recipes for have this feature. Items from Kryptopyr's mods will already have it with the exception of the "duel-weilding" part.
  • Does not allow the breakdown of Daedric items based on lore.

Things to do list:

  • Check existing breakdown recipes to add any missing CCOR features/functionality.
  • Add/modify "equipped" checks for ALL 1-Handed weapons to be more duel-weild friendly.
  • ADD SkyRe back to my build and Update these notes. (will do some of this over the weekend)




 â€“Please note this is not a guide. It is my collection of ramblings and notes as I attempt to get SkyRe integrated into my modified SRLE build. I am a Novice with modding and do not gaurantee results with these notes and shared files. Feel free to make comments/recommendations, especially if you see something I missed or see a better way of doing it. It is a work in Progress....


I have switched from BOSS to LOOT. LOOT can be found here. There are a few minor changes when working with LOOT. BUM is no longer necessary as rules can be added directly to your load order via "Edit Metadata". The changes I made are noted in the PREPARATION section #9. IMPORTANT: Neo's guide is based on BOSS. LOOT does alter the load order and may introduce errors that are not covered by Neo's SR Conflict Resolution file.





1. To integrate SkyRe with SRLE we need T3nd0’s ReProccer.

 The ReProccer balances stats, perks, and other things that I don’t fully comprehend but is designed to make mods like Armor/Weapon mods more compatible with SkyRe. It’s not a 100% fix as not all mods are created equal and have not been designed with SkyRe or the ReProccer in mind. This collection of notes focuses primarily on making the SRLE Armory mods + crafting changes work with SkyRe. Gimpyone has been steadily at work making compatability patches for mods such as BYOD and OBIS for his build and sharing them. Please note he is working with a slightly different setup than I am. He is building from S.T.E.P extended + SRLE + SkyRe. I am building from SRLE + SkyRe.


>>> What it can do:


- Categorize weapon types, based on names (a "Katana" in mod XY will be recognized by SkyRe after running the patcher)
- Categorize weapon types, based on an "override" list (force weapons into categories, in case the name check fails)
- Adjust weapon stats to SkyRe levels - or to anything one wishes, due to configuration. Based on material and type.
- Rename any vanilla-like sword to "Broadsword"
- Assign any bow to either the "shortbow" or "longbow" category, depending on material or name, and rename it accordingly
- Create SkyRe crossbow variants off of any mod-added crossbow. So, if a mod adds a Dragonbone Crossbow, the ReProccer can create Recurve, Silenced.... versions that work with the perks. This includes crafting, tempering and meltdown recipes.
- Create "Refined Silver" variants of any silver weapon. This includes crafting, tempering and meltdown recipes.
- Adjust gravity influence, speed and damage of ammunition and projectiles, based on type and material
- Create ammo variants used in SkyRe (explosive, timebomb, lightsource...) off of any ammo
- Adjust armor stats to SkyRe levels. Again, slot multipliers and material influence are fully modifyable
- Assign shields to the categories "light" and "heavy", depending on material, and rename them accordingly
- Set new cap for maximum armor protection
- Set new value for "protection gained per armor"
- Let mod-added armor work with "Masquerade"
- Force vanilla armor material keywords upon mod-added armor
- Add crafting requirements to any leather material armor
- Add meltdown recipes to any armor/weapon
- Add material perk requirements to any tempering recipe
- Make all ingredient effects work over time, based on effect name. Highly customizable.
- Optionally force minimum/maximum values on the patched ingredients, to prevent ingredients from becoming worthless or too expensive





2. I am testing and tweaking with a modified SRLE build. SRLE is also a work in progress as Neo tests and makes changes. My lists below may/may not contain mods from the most recent SRLE guide. These changes are for my preferences and tastes. All other mods as of 27 JUN guide are installed so this list is not inclusive of changes thereafter.


      Not installed in my current build:

  • Face to Face Conversation
  • UNP Blessed Body Redux Project


  What I have added to my build:


     Ready made patches for SkyRe

  • Bring Out Your Dead - Skyre.esp
  • Falskaar Skyre Alternate Start Patch.esp
  • ICH Skyre Compatibility Patch.esp
  • OBIS Skyre Enemy Scaling Patch.esp
  • Post ReProccer fixes OBIS Patch.esp
  • *The "Skyre Consistent Older People.esp" is a file gimpyone is using for his S.T.E.P. extended + SRLE + Skyre version. For my build, I am not using this file.*


3. The Unofficial Skyrim Redone Patch is obsolete and no longer necessary when installing Unofficial Skyrim Redone Patch Update v2.1 from Xathra's nexus page. Also, my custom stats.xml on the github page has not been updated for v2.3.1. If you are using the standard Xathra stats.xml, this will not be an issue. If using my tweaked xxSSTHxx version, I do not know what effect it will have on your build because I have not examined the weapon entries to carry over any fixes.


Several modders have been making patches for the ReProccer and SkyRe some old, some new. Qotsafans and Balbor & Soulsteels files are not recommended as many of the changes in them are included in Xathra's WAFR IA7 series of patches. To keep things simple here are the needed patches:


· Skyrim Redone - Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade Patch by Gruffys [is getting long in the tooth but referenced as a master by Xathra's patches-- i.e..has not been updated for the new version(s) of CCOR. Raulfin may be including/updating this after the next round of Xathra updates v 2.4 are released]

*CCOR SkyRe Patch


Xathra has not updated his patches for IA7.1 - this is patched by the Pre and Post ReProccer Patch Update in the UPDATES section. The only files to be replaced are the Pre*.esp, Post*.esp, and stats.xml.


2nd Note: Additionally, the v2.3 patches have not been updated for WAF 5.0, Unofficial <*> Patches 2.0.4*, IA 7.1, CCOR 1.5...... v2.4 should cover most of these recent updates when it is completed.


· SkyRe Compatibility and ReProccer Patches by Xathra:

*Main file version 2.3 [FOMOD]  -> for the Falskaar SkyRe Faction Patch.esp and Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp


   Optional file downloads needed:

*Clothing and Clutter Fixes - (this has a file-> CCF PreReProccer Patch.esp that needs to be installed)


   Updates file downloads needed for IA7.1:

*Pre and Post ReProccer Patch Update v2.3 [FOMOD]

   --install the:

                     a) "with aMidianSS Content Addon" in the "For IA7.1 with CCOR section"

                     b) "Custom Stats replacer" *NOTE: I have replaced this file with xxSSTHxx's v0.9 stats.xml and added the OBIS armor_materials for my build. If you use Xathra's v2.3 I highly recommend using the armor spreadsheet (see comment #3) and creating your own SRLE Post ReProccer Armor fix patch.


Updates file downloads needed:

*Unofficial Skyrim Redone Patch Update


Add these to the stats.xml in the armor material section or download my stats.xml from github:
 *Use this format-
<sMaterialName>zzzzzz zzzz</sMaterialName>
Blueskull 14
Bandit Blindeye 18
Heavy Bandit Blindeye 22
Bandit Blue Skull 18
Heavy Bandit Blue Skull 22
Bandit Butcher 18
Heavy Bandit Butcher 22
Bandit Digger 18
Heavy Bandit Digger 22
Bandit Dusk Dealer 18
Heavy Bandit Dusk Dealer 22
Bandit Iron Blood 18
Heavy Bandit Iron Blood 22
Bandit Lightning Wolf 18
Heavy Bandit Lightning Wolf 22
Bandit Unloyal 18
Heavy Bandit Unloyal 22
Bandit Vermin 18
Heavy Bandit Vermin 22
Bandit Women 18
Heavy Bandit Women 22
My own tweaks:
Ancient Nord 20
Daedric Lord 55
Heavy Daedric 53
Dragon Knight Heavy 52
Dragonbone Ebonsteel 52
Daedric 51
Dragon Knight Light 50
Dragonhide Heavy 50
Heavy Dragonplate 50
Light Daedric 49
Heavy Daedric Buckler 49
Dragonscale Ebonsteel 47
Heavy Dragonscale 47
Light Dragonplate 46
Dragonhide Light 46
Dragonscale 45
Light Daedric Buckler 45
Heavy Dragonplate Buckler 44
Light Dragonscale 43
Light Dragonplate Buckler 42
Light Dragonscale Buckler 39
 *to fix an error change these-
Fortified Light Shield of Solitude 39
Fortified Shield of Solitude 38
Superior Light Shield of Solitude 37
Superior Shield of Solitude 36





While experimenting with all of this..I found a few things that made my task a little easier when testing changes with the reproccer.jar via SUM (installed through MO)

1. After creating your SR Conflict Resolution.esp:  Create a new mod <Conflict Resolution> and cut/paste your SR Conflict Resolution.esp from the overwrite folder. (Keep in mind that if you make any major changes to your build that remove mods from Neo's guide you may have to rebuild your conflict resolution.esp)

2. Leave everything else in the overwrite folder until you are satisfied with your reproccing changes. If for some reason you need to re-run SUM, I would delete everything inside the MO overwrite folder and begin with step #3 (Run FNIS) in the FINISHING INSTALLATION AND EXECUTING SUM section below.






1. Deactive or uninstall CCO’s Frostfall patch


2. Install Skyrim Redone and ready made patches for (BCS, SIC, AOS)

Note: I installed Skyrim Redone just before Book Covers Skyrim (install priority 75 / left hand pane in MO) because it is the first mod that requires a patch for SkyRe. In order for the mineorescript.psc from CCOR to function properly, Skyrim Redone should have a lower priority number than Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade (CCOR). I currently have Skyrim Redone at priority 75 and CCOR at 255. This allows proper functioning of the mining speed & quantity menu in the MCM for CCO. NOTE: When v2.4 of Xathra's patches are released, custom scripts will be included to merge compatibility of SkyRe, CCOR, and USKP and should alleviate this problem.


3. Install Gruffy’s CCO Remade patch:

a. Main file – CCOR_SkyRe_Patch.esp

b. Optionals –

i. CCOR_aMidianBorn_Patch.esp

ii. CCOR_Frostfall_Patch.esp

iii. CCOR_IA7_Patch.esp

iv. CCOR_SkyRe_Races_Patch.esp


4. Install Xathra’s ReProccer Patches SkyRe v2.3 [FOMOD install]

a. Falskaar SkyRe Faction Patch.esp

b. Clothing and Clutter Fixes.esp

c. after installation remove the following folders if you see them:

   *..SkyProc Patchers

   *..SkyRe ReProccer Comp Readmes


5. Install Xathra's Pre and Post ReProccer Patch Update v2.3.1 [FOMOD install]

                   a. with aMidianSS Content Addon - For IA7.1 with CCOR

                   b. Custom Stats replacer (if you want the custom stats xml)


6. Install Xathra’s Clothing and Clutter Fix for CCF 1.3. (This is the file from the Optional section.)


7. Install Xathra's Unofficial Skyrim Redone Patch Update v2.1. (This is the file from the Updates section.)


8. Install Gimpyone's patches.


9. Launch LOOT from MO and "Edit Metadata" to create rules:


This section is in a high state of flux as I learn how to use LOOT. Check back regularly for corrections as I discover issues.


Note: After loading my newly updated SR Conflict Resolution.esp in TES5 edit, I realized it was not necessary to load it after the Pre ReProccer WAFR IA7 aMidianSS Content Addon Patch.esp. Neo's BUM rule (for BOSS) user's ...SR Conflict Resolution.esp TOP Bashed Patch...is fine. For LOOT users: no metadata edit is necessary...in my build it sorts at priority 152 which is just after Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp


a. RelightingSkyrim.esp  [Priority -1990000]
b. SkyFalls + SkyMills + DG + DB + FS + WT.esp (load AFTER SkyFalls + SkyMills Total edition.esp)
c. SkyFalls DB + FS Small Waterfalls.esp (load AFTER SkyFalls + SkyMills + DG + DB + FS + WT.esp)
d. OBIS Skyre Enemy Scaling Patch.esp (load AFTER SkyRe_EnemyScaling_Fix.esp)
e. AHZmoreHUD.esp (load AFTER iHUD.esp)
f. ICH Skyre Compatibility Patch.esp [Priority 1995000]

g. All Post ReProccer files or Gimpyone's files from github should be checked/verified they load AFTER whatever mods they affect....Post ReProccer stuff AFTER ReProccer.esp, BYOD-Skyre Patch AFTER BYOD.esp, etc.. LOOT does a pretty decent job of placing these but not always.


10. Install T3nd0’s Reproccer

a. After installation delete the following files/folders

i. ReProccer folder

ii. SkyProcDebug folder

iii. ReProccer_*.txt



Create your Blocklist



NOTE: Because of the virtual file system in MO, I recommend disabling all post reproccer.esp files (everything below reproccer.esp - as sorted by BOSS & BUM rules) before running SUM. The blocklist is supposed to do this however, I am uncertain that when executing SUM in MO that the T3nd0's Reproccer.jar is reading the correct blocklist.txt


11. In Mod Organizer, select T3nd0’s Reproccer mod folder and open in explorer

a. Navigate to SkyProc Patchers>T3nd0_ReProccer>Files>blocklist.txt

b. Edit blocklist.txt - add the following files on its own separate line

i. BCS - SkyRe Patch EN.esp

ii. BCS - CCOR Patch.esp

iii. Post ReProccer Fixes CCOR IA7 aMidianSS Content Addon Patch.esp

iv. ICH Skyre Compatibility Patch.esp

v. Post ReProccer Fixes OBIS Patch.esp

c. Save blocklist.txt and exit explorer

<EXAMPLE Blocklist.txt link>






1. Run LOOT from MO <EXAMPLE LOOT loadorder link>

2. Build SR conflict resolution.esp - if necessary as per Neovalen’s guide – skip any fixes for mods not installed/applicable to your build ->read them carefully to ensure they don't apply before skipping-

3. Run FNIS from MO

4. Disable/Deactivate all post reproccer esp(s)

5. Run Wrye Bash: Build initial Bashed Patch (I did not merge anything here)

6. Run LOOT from MO

7. Run SUM - uncheck the "Run BOSS" box under patcher options if you are using LOOT. (I do not create a merged skyproc file so the output.esp(s) can be manually sorted if necessary with Metadata rules)

8. Activate ReProccer.esp

9. Run TES5Edit: sort masters on ReProccer.esp

10. Activate all post reproccer esp(s)

11. Run LOOT from MO

12. Verify all post reproccer esp(s) are sorted AFTER ReProccer.esp

13. Run Wrye Bash: Rebuild your Bashed Patch (merge whatever you want here)

13a. (Only for working with the CK not required for a play through installation) - Redate plugins via LOOT

14. Launch game / test changes




My goals:

Near term goals (working with the reproccer and fixing item stats):

  • identify armors & weapons that need post-reproccing tweaking for: armor rating, damage rating, weight and/or material. (<-needs updated - 27 Jun)
  • fix items that don't melt-down/deconstruct properly (<- beta patch available - 27 Jun)
  • balance items to be consistent from all the various mods such as backpacks (weight and carry capacity, guard helmets, cloaks, etc...basically anything that doesn't match up)

Long term goals (for fixing errors introduced by adding SkyRe and its mechanics..most likely another thread down the road)

  • identify errors that arise from adding Skyre to SRLE such as - starting skill levels, skill level requirements & progression, verify perks working properly
  • deconflict SRLE mods that SkyRe overlaps (OBIS, BYOD, ??) distribution lists - ASIS may fix some of this possibly
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Debugging notes-to-self:



1. Initially I could not get ICFH to work properly, however Gimpyone's patch (placed after the ReProccer.esp...I just put it last in the load order) fixed it. Also, Jon Battle-born's missing boots are now properly in his inventory.


2. Working on a list of broken melt-down items (armors). -Completed armors-


3. Although the ICFH helmets are working, there are some helmets that are completely disappearing or causing the entire helm & head to disappear. Bugged helmets are now identified. Next step is fixing them.







Have to look into why starting skill levels are showing higher than what is reported during character creation...for example 5 alchemy (char creation) vs. 15 alchemy (post creation). Similarly, in 1.3.01 I noticed some skill trees no longer have the extended (uncapper) requirements. This may just be an intentional change from 0.99.23 to 1.3.01 The skill numbers shown during char creation are the racial bonuses. I think I confused this with an earlier version of Skyre or Requiem.


Various Backpacks have different weights and carryweight values


Some armor & clothing items don't have an exposure / insulation value for Frostfall




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Armor spreadsheet and calculator is done and uploaded.


Updated 30 APR: The new spreadsheet is more of a tool than anything. It has been redesigned and expanded so that MOD indexes can be quickly and easily changed based on a user's load order. Also, each .esp that the reproccer pulls data from is now separated/recorded on its own sheet. The formulas and lookup tables are a consolidation of stats.xml values and keywords from TES5Edit. Values for keywords are being assigned as they are identified and matched to values & materials in stats.xml.


This spreadsheet is based on xxSSTHxx's v0.9 stats.xml with the added armor_materials that Gimpyone created for OBIS. You can see those above in the RECAP section or check out Gimpyone's github repository.


Armor Calculator (both versions uploaded)

stats.xml (both versions uploaded with OBIS tweaks)


Running List of Post Reproccing Armor rating changes (xxSSTHxx version):

Updated 4 MAY: Fixed weights and values for some armors to be more consistant across all mods.




Running List of broken melt-down items that need a fix:

Updated 6 MAY: The updated melt-down list is up. No major changes. A few items got picked up by the reproccer this go round (meaning they work now) and a few more items made it on to the list. Knock on wood, hopefully I can figure out how to fix them.


List of broken melt-down items (note: the first two numbers of the FORM ID may not match your build. ESP info added)



Updated 28 MAR: Identified Helmets with display problems. Tested Khajiit, Nord, Argonian races.

If you want to test the helms:

  • copy this into a text file and save it (note: the first two numbers of the FORM ID may not match what you have loaded in your game; if you look at the Khajiit test below you can see the Name and esp it comes from)
  • make a copy of the text file and rename it <name of file> but remove the file extension.
  • place the newly made file into your overwrite folder
  • launch the game
  • In-game, open the cmd console and type: bat <name of file> and press enter
  • the helmets with bugs will be placed in your inventory

List of Helmets with display issues:



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How can I help you with this? Also, have you tried doing a copy into override conflict resolution for ICH and Skyre? The override would have to be loaded after reproccer.esp I think.


Edit:  Here is my compability patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0948JLsnEjgVU52QVB0cXlsQk0/edit?usp=sharing


In BUM, add it after any post reproccers

I wasn't able to find anything under jon's id that could be causing a conflict. Let me know what you see.

*Updated Patch to 2.0b

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I've done this on my last install and had it running alright. I got around the ICFH by adding my own esp at the end that has the proper data forwarded from the patch for ICFH and SkyRe (that appeared to have been overwritten by the reproccer patch).


If there's any difficulty you have, let me know as well. I'd be happy to help in any way I can, and am looking to get this up and running again when I reinstall on my new system!

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Hey guys, thanks for checking it out. I've been playing more than debugging stuff. The last time I played with Skyre it was 0.99.23 so I am getting used to 1.3.01. Its all a bit over my head honestly. I only started this to get my notes into some kind of organized chaos. Will definately try out the ICH patch gimpyone shared.


I started taking a look at what was in stats.xml trying to understand how the reproccer works. I'm no programmer so all I can make sense of is what is makes sense to me. Right now, in the stats.xml I'm using from Xathra's content addon package has 563 armor materials. I haven't even begun to look at weapons stats or weapon materials. What I haven't figured out is how those materials match up to what I can see in TES5 for materials. Why? When I find something that won't melt-down/deconstruct I want to be able to fix it if possible. There is stuff that won't break-down. The one that is most immediately noticed is "iron armor"...then alot of various Ancient Nord armor's that come in a crap ton of varieties.. i.e..worn/old/etc.

I've been collecting gear as I play that doesn't break down at the smelter or tanning rack. I made sure I took all the smithing perks and everytime I get a bag full of junk I head to the smelter/tanning rack and see what breaks down into what. Because 0.99.23 was a slightly different than 1.3.01 I'm getting used to the change as well as looking for things that might need a fix. Eventually I hope to put a conflict resolution guide together at some point.

If I was a bit more techno-saavy (right now I'm just hand jammin stuff into an excel spreadsheet when I have the time to do so) I'd figure out a way to export armor values (ratings, materials, weight, and so on) so it could be compared to post-reproccing results. This would be a heck of alot faster to find inconsistancies that either get missed by the reproccer or may have bad values such as material types before the reproccer touches it ..which can result in a weird post-reproccing value.

If you really want to dig into this, I highly recommend reading T3nd0's description page for the reproccer. In there you will find the formulas he uses to adjust everything and briefly explains how the stats.xml controls it all.


My progress is slower than a tortoise as I don't have many hours a day to dig into it unless its the weekend but my hope is eventually there will be enough notes here for someone like myself to get Skyre running with SRLE.

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Hey, Implj, you might want to take a look at the optional files here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29375/?

The spreadsheets aren't based on the new stats.xml, but it might help a bit to understand things.  Also, if you want to upload your spreadsheet to googledocs I can work on it too. I have plenty of free time.

By the way, I've noticed that after running SUM, reproccer.esp has unsorted masters in Wyre Bash, so I sort them in TES5edit. Not sure if iit helps, but it seems like the right thing to do.

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That would be a great help. I'll get the spreadsheet I've started on up on googledocs. Its a compilation of the stats.xml 'armor_materials' and their values. I was planning to add weapon_materials next when I get a chance. *I'm pretty sure the stats.xml I'm looking at (from the - Pre ReProccer WAFR IA7 aMidianSS Content Addon Patch CCOR) is the same one included in his main file now. I'm only borrowing the Falskaar faction patch from the main file anyway.


Will take a look at Qotsafan's patches too. I know Xathra says he's included them now in his WAFR IA7 series but it will definitely be good to see what has been brought over from Qotsafan's and compare the two. I don't know why some duplicate entries are in there and why some have different values. Xathra replied to my question about the duplicates:


There are tons of items set in the xml, that correspond to multiple versions of mods, by different authors. Placement in the xml, and names may differ slightly, order in which they come, in order to facilitate different esp's. Remember that the xml is a compilation of everything that balbor, and qotsfan have already done, along with everything that I have done.


Posted a link in comment #3 to the shared spreadsheet.


Near term goals:

  • identify armors & weapons that need post-reproccing tweaking for: armor rating, damage rating, weight and/or material.
  • fix items that don't melt-down/deconstruct properly
  • balance items to be consistent from all the various mods such as backpacks (weight and carry capacity, guard helmets, cloaks, etc...basically anything that doesn't match up)

Long term goals:

  • identify errors that arise from adding Skyre to SRLE such as - starting skill levels, skill level requirements & progression, verify perks working properly
  • deconflict SRLE mods that SkyRe overlaps (OBIS, BYOD, ??) distribution lists - ASIS may fix some of this possibly
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@ Defaulteduser and Gimpyone,


This weekend I'll put ICH back into my build and do as both of you suggested about placing the fix after reproccer.esp...don't know why it didn't even occur to me to try that. I couldn't find anything relating to Jon Battle-born's missing boots but for some reason removal of ICFH fixed it.


Also, yes once you run SUM and build your reproccer.esp I recommend sorting master's on it via TES5 Edit. (Its in my notes but they need to be cleaned up / explained better as I crammed alot of steps together.)

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I don't have the build anymore as I'm waiting on my new system, but I DO recall that the key to getting the ICH post patch to work is in what is visible when wearing the helm. In the ICH esp it just has head displayed, but the SUM esp has head, neck, jewellery, etc. That's where the screw up happens! Sorry I can't be exact, hopefully that makes some sense :-)

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Sorry about not working on the sheet yet. My Skyrim install went splat so I spent all of today fixing it and tomorrow is my birthday, so I have to be social or something. implj, did you see the spreadsheets on the Weapon and Armors fixes nexus page?


No problem at all. I haven't gotten motivated yet to re-add ICFH to my build. (I will though, probably tonight). Thanks for the catch about the WAF spreadsheet data. Downloading it now!



Jackpot baby! It looks like everything is in his data! As well as a sheet with all the WAF/SPO material keywords. It also explains/verifies a few things I was seeing in game:

  • scaled armor <cuirass> breaking down into 'leather strips' - (I believe only 1 leather strip at that..something that should be looked into...scaled cuirass has two armor material keywords: hide and scaled which may/may not be causing a conflict?)
  • Dawnbreaker requiring the 'improve magic' perk AND 'daedric' in order to be improved (took me awhile to figure that out in game being that I'm new to many of the mods in SRLE)

There are a few things I haven't added to the thread yet. I've been holding out on it until I'm pretty sure I've collected/identified all the armors that won't break down into something but here are some of them:

  • It appears there can be different versions of like type armors - for example: iron armor <cuirass> (not iron armor-* fur types)...some iron armor will break down and some won't
    • when I started the Companions quest line and finished "Proving Honor" it became evident when looking at Eorlund Grey-mane's inventory...there were multiple skyforge items that were listed twice.. the items with duplicates can have different 'armor' / 'damage' values.
  • The 'learning' requirement seems to be working BUT
    • I've only been able to learn 'Falmer' gear ... not Falmer Heavy (this may be due to my unfamiliarity with CCOR or I haven't found the right Heavy Falmer gear yet that allows learning)
    • It is working with 'Ancient Nord'
    • I haven't collected any Forsworn gear yet for testing
  • Not sure if Ancient Nord armor is supposed to break down into materials or not. The Ancient Nord 'rags' breaks down into leather strips but all the metal stuff won't melt-down into anything. There are many varieties of this armor as well (old, worn, raddled, etc..)

Edit 2:


I'm also confused about why some items appear twice in the melt-down lists. For example: Iron Lantern... there is a melt down recipe for 1 Iron Lantern = 1 iron ingot  AND 4 Iron Lantern = 1 Iron Ingot. There are many similar cases for other stuff as well. I don't have a list of these put together yet.

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Well, I thought I would update my SRLE with all the new stuff Neo has added since 23 FEB. Dang theres alot of new mods and updated ones too, so its taking me awhile to get ICFH back up and testing.

There is one update for Immersive Armors 7.1 that I don't plan to mess with right now. Reading through Xathra's forums it looks like IA7.1 requires some tweaks to stats.xml for it to work properly. So, for now I am leaving Immersive Armors alone.


Edit: one person [electridoor] provided a tweaked stats.xml for IA7.1 "as-is"...when I decide to take the leap and update IA to 7.1..I'll dive into the new stats.xml:  https://pastebin.com/GsFFcEH9


Edit 2: CCO Remade has been updated to 1.4. Should contain some refinements to melt-down / crafting lists.


Edit 3: Ugh, I'll be rebuilding my SR Conflict Resolution Patch tomorrow...added some mods that affect it.

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