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  1. I’m wondering if anyone has an idea of why it’s raining in these places instead of snowing? I have the base STEP build installed, and also Rudy’s ENB Any thoughts? Best
  2. Just wanted to hop in and say a hearty thank you! I finished my version of the game (I’m practically a god as a mage in game now, finished the college and MQ), and had a great time in this game that stands the test of time. While part of me is interested in finishing everything else off, I think I’ll hold off for now, come back to it later on , and perhaps play another class! Thanks for all the hard work, the time you put in allows me to enjoy this game time and time again
  3. Welp, figured it out, should it happen for anyone else! I downloaded the incorrect version, and when I went back and did 4.3 ( I THOUGHT I did it for all of them, but this one sneaked by) , then all the incorrect faces disappeared!
  4. So, it’s looking like all the NPCs touched in Men of Winter have the black face bug so far. I can’t seem to find anything that is overwriting it, though, and I know I did all the LOOT orders correctly, etc. It appears that this is currently the main problem in the game, so I believe I did merges alright, etc.
  5. Hello all, I'm having a problem and hoping that someone else might have had it so I can be pointed in the right direction. I'm doing bug testing after the full install, and certain men have black faces (Skjor, Balgruf, etc.) It MUST be a textures thing, the mouths, eyes, etc. are there, just no face texture. Any thoughts? It would be great to know exactly where to look, as there are so many texture packs, etc. used I'm hopeful someone else has had the same problem and already fixed it!
  6. Oh, I haven’t installed the Krypt mods yet! This is a pure install from the guide, nothing added or removed. It’s why I know I did something wrong! Lol
  7. I’ve noticed it on all the students at the College of Winterhold, as well as the teachers. In addition, I noticed it with Aela (of course) and Janessa. I didn’t run around too much more, as it was pretty obvious things were screwed up!
  8. I’ve found it on more than Aela, a number of the more important NPCs, so I’m thinking perhaps a problem with one of the main mod installs. If I find out what’s gone on, I’ll for certain post it! I utilized the suggestions posted and couldn’t find a fix at the moment. I really don’t mind a tear down, and there seems to be a number of updates so it just might be worthwhile. Finding hours for an install is easy, it’s finding the dozens of hours to play the game that’s difficult, what with little children and full time work :-) lol
  9. Now that the Kryp mods are being ported to SSE I might look at a reinstall once the guide has been updated! I can’t seem to find where the faces problem happened, and it’s looking like a tear down and rework is what’ll be needed
  10. Hey Everyone! I thought I'd take a stab at getting the latest version up and running, and have run into this problem (screencap attached). I know something isn't working, I just thought I'd ask before going through bit by bit :-) Anyone else run into this? The game seems to run fine, it's just got this for some peoples faces https://ibb.co/h2MMoz Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Ah, perfect! I think I can play the game without the other mod, but I DO like to have a nice looking character to play with! Thanks for that info :-D
  12. Two questions, more about the state of mods than anything else! I’m going to re-install , and have a couple of things I was going to wait on prior to doing it again Any news on Race Menu to bring into SSE? LOVE that mod, from what I understand there’s a way to port it over (without full functionality), but just wondering if there are plans to move it over in an official capacity Second is the Clothing and clutter fixes. I do know there have been plans (long delayed) to bring it over, but haven’t heard anything definitive lately. I’ve been checking forums and haven’t found solid answers, so thought I would ask the community :-D
  13. I might be re-doing the install myself. Things SEEM to work ok, but the install version that I did is missing some of the steps that made it into the later version. One thing in defense of this that I have to say is, aside from the merging of the plugins, this is NOT that tough a system to install. Sure, there are little things here and there, and the mod list is extensive, but I found it quite intuitive , and not that stressful to install!
  14. Putting in my two cents regarding modding vs getting a big download for everything, the setup is VERY easy to follow, there shouldn’t be many places where you’ll get tripped up (unless like me you forget to add a mod, etc. now and again!) It will also be very helpful for when you invariably want to add your own flavour to your game, tweak it and make it your own. The fact we are still playing this game so many years after release shows the power of mods, and understanding them is the key to the fun! On the other note, I THINK I’m going to start on Expert, leave it with 1-2 followers max, and see how that goes. I enjoy the brutal nature of the combat now (I HATED Vanilla Legendary, where it was a stamina thing, due to how much damage you did vs them), but hopefully all fights won’t simply last three seconds. I’ve only been doing bandits and such at level 1, so it’s not much to go off of. I am incredibly impressed with the quality of the mod guide, btw! It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted from my Skyrim, and I can’t wait to continue the adventure next week when I get back from traveling for work (stupid work!)
  15. What difficulty level is everyone playing on? I got my build complete, and am just loading up the game now!
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