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Massive drop is FPS when updating MO.




So I updated MO by downloading the new version and throw everything from the extracted folder into the old MO(or something like that). It did in fact update, stating version 1.1.1, and I can now use MO's Nexus features. I updated a couple of mods(used the merge option, i couldn't find any specfics on update on the mods nexus site). The mods are:


- SMIM from 57-62(downloaded update from 56-61 and from 61-62). 

- Dynamic Loot v3.2(from 3.0 I think)

- Greatsword Sheath and Scabbard Redux

And then I think Elven Weapons of Silence.


As I said, i use MO's merge option when I could. This applied to all except SMIM, which pretty much just installed like a regular mod.


Now to the entire point of the thread, and my question. 

With this version, I started having very high drop in FPS. So bad in fact, that I could only load the game from a save that was inside of something(ie. not outside the open world), and if I walked outside, I would crash when on loadscreen. Inside my FPS dropped from a previously stable 50-60 to below 10(which is unplayable BTW). I tried using the old version again(made a copy, incase something would go wrong with the update, since i sounded risky overwriting files.


So basically I know have 2 MO installed and can use them both seperately. I of cause use the 1.0.7 one.


Would anyone know why this is? I've followed STEP pretty much to the letter with .ini tweaks, bashed patch, DSR patch, overwrite mod etc. etc. I have a couple of mods not in STEP and some mods in STEP I don't have.


I should note that this is not like a fatal error, since I can play the game just fine with the old MO version, and there are really no difference to the game, I just can't use the nexus features with that version of MO.





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