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Greetings STEP Community!

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Hello everyone,


First of all I would like to thank everyone involved in the STEP community (special thanks to Neo) for this amazing guide.


I played Skyrim when it first launched but the modding scene just became too overwhelming and I quit the game and went back to Age of Conan... I was one of the top PVP Conquerors on Crom server till I quit :)


I decided to come back to Skyrim, even bought myself a new OCed 780 GFX card... and i followed the STEP guide, downloading everything through NMM; not using any tools (WB, MO, TES5edit, BOSS...)


I was a total nab, still am (at modding), up till i discovered "Skyrim Revisited" guide by Neo and realized all my modding was erroneous.


So now I am here, and I've been avidly reading and trying to educate myself on the modding scene... I am super excited and cant wait up to mod the game and immerse myself in it for hours and hours.


My question: Do i proceed with the modding based on the guide last updated on the 31st of July 2013? https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Neovalen/Skyrim_Revisited


or do i wait for Neo to finalize the Legendary version?


I've noticed that the previous guide encompasses many more mods, whether cosmetic, related to gameplay, etc... than the Legendary one. Why is that? Does Neo intend to expand the Legendary mods yet? I am concerned that the previous guide is now obsolete (at least some of the mods) and yet  i am too impatient to wait for months...


Any advice will be welcomed... I am sitting biting my nails and getting ready to start my modding adventure... For i enjoy modding as much as i enjoy playing the game.


Thanks all

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Thank you for your reply m8... However, as stated above, the Legendary guide seem to contain much less mods.


Was this done for stability purposes or is Neo intending to add more mods in the near future?

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Neo removed a lot of mods when memory problems became apparent (not with his guide, but with Skyrim in general). AFAIK he's looking to add more mods now when the MemPatch3.0 is available and working.

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Ah ok, thanks for that info. Last question please!


Do I proceed with the modding or wait till it's done?


If i do proceed and some mods get added in the future, will i need to start all over again in order to avoid conflicts and load order problems or will i be able to add the mods seamlessly and without problems?

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I would start now and just carry on. I don't want to speak for Neo, but from my experience you will be fine.


Also, I am not sure if Neo's guide will ever be completed :D It's a neverending story, as with STEP etc. :)


Besides, you don't HAVE to add everything that Neo adds. Make a build, have a play and once you're done make a new, updated build with a new character etc.

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Ok great I will be proceeding with the modding guide starting tonight!!!


Thank you Rootsrat for your swift replies, God bless!

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Although not "approved" you can use SRLE as a base onto which to add additional mods you like. I suggest you get your SR LE profile set up exactly as described in the guide. Then copy that profile into a new one (say "Tarikko") and add in other mods you would like going through the same process Neo does (after you do his TES5Edits and making a bashed patch you will know what to look for when building your own patch - keep Neo's SR Conflicts patch and then build an additional incremental one (say Tarikko Conflicts) on top of that just for any extra mods you add and need to sort out). When Neo updates SR LE you can add the updates to both the SRLE Profile and the Tarikko profile (having two Conflict patches will help a lot in managing this process.)


As a general rule meshes are safe to add (though watch out for ones with massive vertex/polygon counts), with textures just make sure you are not going hog wild with 2K (or 4K) mods. With ESPs it's a bit trickier, examining them closely in TES5Edit (against your current load order) can help give you a sense as to whether they will have issues and need patching. I don't understand scripting well enough to know where the issues lie but they can certainly cause problems and I advise caution around them - I basically go by the perceived reputation of the modder and other people's reaction to it.


Test your game periodically to make sure it is stable.


Again - certainly not "officially" approved but it seems to work well enough for me. YMMV.

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<3 nice to see a friendly and helpful community... Hopefully in the future i will be able to contribute :)




After going through the posts i was thinking of doing that. First i will install the Legendary guide step by step, making sure all is stable, then i will add other mods little by little (the original SR guide includes some nice treats).


It will be a very steep learning curve, but since i'm so eager and passionate... this will make it easy and enjoyable.


It will be an epic journey indeed and I will be spending most of my free time on this project.


Thank you both yet again :)

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