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Request for install assistance from this community

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I posted a few months back in these forums asking if someone could complete a Skyrim Revisited install for me. Pretty much everyone replied with "follow the guide" which I have been doing.


I do admit though to feeling a bit lost, even with the guide. There are so many components/moving parts that it begins to feel overwhelming. I have followed the guide up until the User Interface section but don't want to proceed further until I know I have done everything properly.


What I would like to do is follow all the required steps I need to in order to ready the game for running (building the bashed patch, properly configuring the mods in Mod Organizer and TES5 Edit where necessary, etc. etc.). So that I can run the game after each main stage of the Skyrim Revisited process.



Because I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and because I am so pressed for time, I would greatly appreciate being able to do a few brief Skype sessions with someone who really knows this Skyrim Revisited install process inside and out, at various points along the way, so that I know I am on the right track. Basically, to get all aspects properly configured after each main stage of the Revisited install and  run so that I know it is running smoothly without crashing.


I would GREATLY appreciate it if anyone would be able to do a Skype session, doesn't have to be that long, once in awhile, maybe a few times, until I get the hang of the how to properly follow each aspect of the install process. I'll be honest: some of this stuff is over my head, and I learn MUCH better by seeing and doing than by reading.


Because I am asking for someone's time, I could offer some reimbursement, be it an Amazon Gift Certificate or something. 


To clarify- I am not asking anyone to do the install for me, just provide some hand holding until I get the process down.


I am missing this game, and cannot play vanilla b/c it is so inferior compared to the STEP/Skyrim Revisited versions.


Feel free to reply or to PM me if you wish to help. Thanks!

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