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Skyrim Realistic Overhaul



This is for the following step in the guide:2-(CORE!-FPS!)Skyrim Realistic Overhaul [YES, AGAIN, we’ll take only landscape files from it] (CLICK HERE)COMPILER’S ADVICE(CLICK HERE) (NOTE: Also install every update available. Overwrites “Riften HQ Texturesâ€)


When extracting the Skyrim Realistic Overhaul a second time, the second half to the compiler advice link at https://pastebin.com/q4X3CuK4 says to:

-Repeat the same procedure also for any available SRO update.

*We are going to take ONLY the landscape files from SRO and the snow roads, since the other textures are imho not worth it (we have already installed them before every other

mod and after the Optimized Hi-Res DLC).


Does this mean I extract the loose files in the landscape folder or all of the files in the landscape folder including subfolders in the update file?

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It's likely that the snow road textures weren't updated in 1.3. Just take the landscape folder from the 1.3 update and overwrite.


You must read it like this:

Take the loose landscape files + the snowroads to ...skyrim/data (and overwrite)


And then:

Extract the landscape folder from the update to ...skyrim/data and overwrite.


The update covers only some textures of SRO, not all!

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