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Deus Mon Wrye Bash Error Help



Hey everyone,


I am currently having a problem installing this incredible mod.


Every time I activate the mod from the installer, I keep getting this error:


"Warning:Corrupt/Unrecognized Files"


Unrecognized Versions

Deus Mons.esm


If anyone can help me out with this problem, I would be very grateful.

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Yeah header files for esm's changed in 1.5.26 so if you have an early version of bash and a new esm version they don't play well, vice versa is also true. So you will either need to update your bash or the author will need to update the mod depending on which is outdated.


Also remember that all esm's are hacks, bethesda does not support creating an esm with the creation kit, so it may be an actual error or omission in the file besides just the header change issue. Here is a very short summary of esm .


Wrye bash is very diligent about verifying file integrity :D

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Thanks for the info frihyland,


Just wanted to Update my situation with people who had similar problems.


The mod is working perfectly fine, I went to Deus Mons and

everything seemed to be working as ordered. I guess the Wrye Bash error

can be ignored as it does not in any way mess up your mods or Deus Mons.

So everyone who had similar problems, install the mod and ignore the error.


PS:My wrye bash is already updated to the latest version of 296 SVN and Deus Mons seems to be updated to the latest 1.5.26 version also. So I am clueless why this error still appears, I am guessing this is one of the few bugs (or many) of the new version of wrye bash.

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