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Emergency Message System


I was going to suggest this plugin a long time ago, but kept forgetting! 




-Display an alert on the index page or every page for users

-select 1 of 8 different colours

-create multiple alerts

-see which admin made the alert

-ability to set the display order of each alert

-smilie supported

It's a nice little feature, we could have a latest STEP version wiki link there, that would be visible and easily accessible from any page of the forums, and I'm sure admins would find some other uses for it.


We use on my forums and it works great, have a look here, it's the 4 colour bars at the top of the page. You can set them individually to show at any page, only at index page etc.


You can configure it via AdminCP.

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We have a different plugin installed to put messages on the front page, but just haven't used it. One thing I also want is to be able to have a popup alert display for very important messages so that it grabs the users attention (should be used rarely, but provide a one time popup that doesn't display again after being viewed once).

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