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need help with a ctd problem after installing a body replacer.


I am having an issue with a CTD happening. Game was running fine until I installed cbbe and cb++ bodyslide. Cbbe has a checkmark on it on the left pane of Mod organizer. Initially, since cb++ bodyslide had the message that it did not contain any esp/esm and no assets I had it unchecked, but have since tested having it checked and still have the CTD problem. here is the list of what I have listed and checked on the left pane of mod organizer. The mods are in the order outlined below.


Unofficial skyrim, DG, DB, HF, Hi-res patches...in that order

double cursor fix

skyrim community Uncapper

T3nd0s Skyrim Redone

A Quality World Map




alternate start - live another life

distant decal fix

better dialogue controls

better messagebox controls

realistic ragdolls and Force

dual sheath redux

custom skeleton replacers SOS Edition

Cbbe v3.2


no boring sleep-wait menu


showracemenu precache killer

borderless window


The game loads into the jail-cell from alternate start. Removing the clothes from the toon allows me to see that the cbbe body has been loaded and that it is using one of the bodyslide presets I created. everything seems fine within the jailcell. The game crashes when I try to load into my "new life"; the loading window shows up, stays for a good while...maybe even up to a min, but then the game CTD's. The cbbe mod seems to be the one causing the crash somehow...since just before putting a checkmark on it it loaded fine. problem is that I want to use cbbe, and bodyslide, along with some other mods like puffs body by race and such. But at the moment I can't even load with cbbe and bodyslide installed so I cannot even dream of attempting to install puffs or any other similar mod.


I had been following the guide on Step 2.2.7 but I'm personally more interested in the characters themselves and not so much the environement around me. When I noticed that step did not seem to include any body mods I decided and tried to intall the body mods myself. That is when I started running into problems, which I can only guess have to do with the ordering on the left pane of Mod Organizer. Also, I downloaded Mod organizer particularly because I wanted to CTD less, and the step wiki for 2.2.7 suggested Mod Organizer. Previously I was using NMM and the game loaded just fine, but I had CTD's that were frequent enough to be particularly annoying. My problem now is just as annoying if not more because to even run the game at all it seems I cannot use the mods that I want.


Please do help if you can, I'd love to know what I am doing wrong and how to not run into issues like this in the future.

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I'm no expert on troubleshooting body type mods but some things you could try, these are good troubleshooting steps for general mod usage anyway.


Make sure you repatch after adding any mod. so if you have a skyproc patcher for skyre rerun it. also run FNIS again. make sure you follow FNIS instructions.


Try starting a game without the body mods. do another life, get out into the world. After the new life is started then try installing body mods. Hit tilde ~ to bring up command window and type "showracemenu" without quotes and use the racemenu to set your character body with new body mods.


also Dual Sheath Redux is a beast. it can be tricky to make it compatible with skeleton and body mods. you have a bit to juggle here, so try to make sure you have everything installed and patched correctly.


Hopefully someone more knowledgeable on these things can come and help if you cannot figure it out. I keep it easy on my end, I just use UNP and no crazy skeleton mods like Dual Sheath Redux. too complicated and script heavy for little effect. Good Luck.

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Does the following work if you type this in the console from the main menu (IE. do not start a game!)

"coc riverwood"

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This question has also been posted in the Nexus MO foum. I've asked users there to contribute there comments here.

I've also copied the so far only response by Nexus user rickerhk here. To quote him.


Your CTD has nothing to do with Mod Organizer.

Try the lower resolution texture option when installing CBBE.

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Hi, this may not be CBBE related. This is from my notes when I was using Skyre and alternate start. You may want to consider them.


Start with Alternate Start – live another life. The mod author readme states that the esp should be loaded late as possible due to the nature of the mod. When I used this mod I created an override in Boss User list Manager (BUM) to the very last place in the load order so that it never made it in my bashed and merged patch. I even loaded it after any Skyproc mods when I used them.


You are also using T3nd0s Skyrim Redone. This mod touches a lot of stuff in the game. My notes indicate there was a compatibility issue between alternate Start and the Skyre races module. Search Skyre forums for alternate Start. About the tenth post down on the page for the fix.


I also had problems when I included Enemy Scaling in the merged patch. The game would CDT on load, but that is not your problem.


If you have made a merged patch uncheck it and see if the game will load past the point it would crash.


Also realistic ragdolls and Force would be redundant with custom skeleton replacers, as it overwrites those skeleton files.


I assume by the author’s description that the mod incorporates the mods in the individual descriptions, so the parent mod is not needed, but I thought they were as they may provide other assets. Every one of those mods in custom skeleton replacers has TBBP in the description. Doesn’t TBBP have animations?

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