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IMMEDIATELY killed by a pot



First time playing Skyrim, installed (nearly) all of the STEP core mods via Mod Organizer (latest version). Launched game, every mod seems to be working correctly. Entered the dungeon with the Stormcloak guy, defeated the two enemies, unlocked the door, then immediately touched a large black cooking pot, took damage and died instantly. Is this an error or an intentional game mechanic? I was at full health, touched the pot, my screen showed blood spots, then I died. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


edit: No other mods installed other than STEP core and a few other STEP mods.

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Actually they can... since you have mods in that make various inanimate objects into ragdolls, and these cause dmg.

Like can technically win a fight and then trip over the body and die.


Kinda annoying, but its that or just having a lot of objects that you can move though. Sometimes you can unlucky.

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Yeah I had to get rid of dead body collision for this reason.


This is how I saw it:


Realistic and severe inconvenience




Unrealistic and no inconvenience


Since I play with a lot of mods which greatly increase Skyrim's overall difficulty (Frostfall, Realistic Needs, and several others), I felt that having this one was a bit too much. Especially since there were several immersion-breaking instances due to it. Stuff like slightly bumping into a wolf corpse only to watch it get punted like I was a giant. Or my "favorite" glitch from GTA: Vice City that was made available in Skyrim thanks to this mod: Dying because I'm walking up or down something (would generally be stairs or steep inclines in GTA. corpses of all types in Skyrim with this mod).


Yeah I'd rather just walk through dead bodies tbh.

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I've been injured stepping on a dead body with that mod installed then again I try not to step on dead bodies. I use a mod called Fires Hurt which gives a great incentive to not stand on camp fires and the like.


Then again as you say often less is more especially with anything that runs a script - so not currently using dead body collision fix. Mammoths shooting up in the air after stepping on a mudcrab? Now that sounds fun, you could port in a load of mammoths and mudcrabs then stand back with your favourite crossbow and have a spell of clay mammoth shooting.



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