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Weird mouse lag



Hi all. I have been experiencing strange mouse lag / unresponsiveness for months now. I actually think the lag has always been there but I haven't paid attention to it until recently. This is because the lag only happens when I'm dual-wielding / brawling / using only 1 weapon with 1 empty hand or when using two-handed weapons. With 1h weapon and shield / torch /staff there's no lag.


The lag I'm talking about isnt the usual kind that may happen with mouse acceleration or vsync on (belive me I've tried messing with these settings to no avail)

Basically when I quickly click a mouse button nothing happens. I have to hold down the button a bit longer and then the game registers my click and the character block / attacks. When using a shield + onehanded even the gentlest touch causes the game to react (the way I want it to)


Things I've done to fix this:

- No mods (not even skse, skyui etc)

- fresh install (reinstalled today

- Different resolutions, no shadows, everything as low as possible (I usually get steady 30 outdoors and 40-60 indoors)

-  Tried 3 different mouses (I usually use razer naga molten edition, works otherwise perfectly with and without driver program)

- tweaked mouse speed options (couldnt find anything that alters the left/right click sensitivity

- installed different drivers

- I also changed the keybinds so that I attacked and blocked with keyboard. Amazingly, the problem still persisted.

- And of course I've messed with my inis (bMouseAcceleration, iPresentInterval, heading sensitivity heck even gamepad rumble, nothing works!


I'm kinda desperate here. My 1st main was a melee with shield and sword so this didnt bother me but now that I'm trying different playstyles the combat is unplayable with this kind of unresponsiveness. Could someone kindly help me?

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It is odd that the same combat with a keyboard gives the same problem. My first thought was that some wireless interference was causing the issue but that would not necessarily be the case from a variety of mice and a wired keyboard.


Do you have some kind of scripted mod that affects combat, such as hit locations or an intricate combat overhaul?

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