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How to have a bashed patch for each MO Profile?



OK - Here's a slightly different question regarding Bash Patch:


I use Mod Organizer (MO) to launch Wrye Bash. I create/rebuild Bashedpatch after shifting mods around. HOWEVER...


I have a couple different profiles in MO. Bashedpatch.esp is kept in the "Overwrite" folder in MO. That is common to all profiles.


How can I have a different bashedpatch.esp for each profile? There really needs to be separate files as each profile can be very different in mods loaded.



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You can create a folder in the MO/mods directory (name it e.g. Bashed Patch profile X, another one for profile Y). Put the bashed patch for that profile in there and enable.


This only works if you don't change the content of the profiles too often. Also, you will have to remove the bashed patch from overwrite as it will indeed overwrite the patch from the 'mod' you just made.


Not a great solution, and I have stopped using multiple bashed patches myself and went back to simply rebuilding a new one each time. Besides, unless you add mods with deleve/relev tags there is no need to rebuild the bashed any time you add or remove an esp.

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